Signs that You Are with the One You Should Marry


Lots of women have the internal urge to doubt the quality of their relationship and compare it to those of their friends, for example. We are constantly being bombarded by different understandings of what the “perfect” relationship between a man and woman is. However, the truth is that there is no one way to define such harmony. Just like people are very different in their personalities, their likes and dislikes and what they appreciate in others, so is the variety of relationships truly huge. However, there are a few things, like respect and trust, for example, that are very significant if you want your relationship work. Have you ever thought about your future with your partner? Do you see far in the future, do you see yourself with him in a decade? How can you figure out if he is behaving well, that he treats you right? Well, that is up to you, but check out this list of signs that you are with the guy you should marry:

  • He brags about you and your achievements in front of other people. Whether it is in front of his family, his guy friends or mutual acquaintances, if he announces he is proud of you and admires you publicly, you might have caught a true gold fish in the sea of men! Many guys are intimidated by the success of women and those who are not are truly remarkable creatures.
  • He shares the same values as you (at least the important ones). It is quite important to be on the same page with your partner in terms of at least the important life decisions if you want to marry him and build a life together. When it comes to topics like where to live, will you have kids, etc. it is significant to have the same opinion with your man. Hobbies and interests can vary, but sharing the same values and somewhat a similar taste will help for maintaining harmony.
  • He is the first person to come to mind when you want to tell someone about something that happened to you at work or with your friends, for example. Your partner should become your closest and best friend and should be truly interested in your life outside your relationship.
  • If you have survived a long-distance relationship, you have gone through one of the ultimate tests for love.
  • Distance is a common reason for break-ups, so if you stayed faithful and in love even when you were away, you can count on this being a stable relationship.
  • You can actually make future plans. If you are able to make long-term plans (six months from the current moment, for instance) and you both feel comfortable with it, that means that you are “into” this relationship and that you have committed to a very large extent.
  • He is able to apologize. One of the main things in a healthy relationship is good communication. You need to be able to express yourself whenever you are bothered by something he said or did, and the other way around. If you can understand each other or at least try hard to do so, you can count on this person to be the one.

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