Simple Therapy For Glowing Skin


And when I’m saying ‘Simple Therapy’, I mean absolutely simple and natural one – Water.
Often we deal with not so flawless skin as we expect. It is shedding, has acne issues or just looks pale and sick. The most perfect makeup for your skin is the healthy natural glow. We often spend too much hope and money on beauty products, but rarely they really work for us.
But you should know that water is capable of maintaining the natural, healthy glow of your skin. And alongside the skin benefits, drinking water is one of the healthiest things you must do. The major portion of your body is water (around 70% of the body is actually water). It is recommended to drink at least 10 glasses of water per day and as I notice my colleagues, there are a lot of people who barely drink 5 glasses of water every day. If you are from the group of non-water-drinkers, you have to read about the water drinking benefits for your health and beauty. Take a look:
Even skin complexion and keeps the natural glow all the time. Your skin will look young and fresh, the wrinkles will reduce and fade away and the pimples will be off the picture for a long time (well, except for the nasty week, nothing can beat PMS symptoms).
Water removes toxic accumulations out of the body. You are exposed to toxic substances all day – from the air, which is full of noxious emissions, from the food that has doubtful origin, and even from the beauty products we use, which are full of chemicals. All that dirt has to go out of your system and water is one of the best toxic fighters. And as you can guess, water is removing the toxins from the body through the urinal system. The kidneys will work better and you will reduce the chance of getting any kidney stones.
The water intake keeps the body hydrated. Dry and shedding skin are caused often by dehydration and you can prevent that by simply drinking enough water. Here are some certain benefits that water drinking brings to you, especially if you do it first thing in the morning:

  • It wakes up the digestive system, which means that you can have a breakfast on time by getting the best of it, because the water cleanse the body from toxins, which leads to better absorption of nutrients from the food.
  • Also, it will be easier for you to wake up, toned with energy.
  • The toxin cleansing also is responsible for bright and radiant skin, because the blood is clean and running freely in your veins.
  • You know how bad can get a lymph infection. But did you know that if they get enough amount of water, they are ready to fight whatever comes to cause a damage.
  • You might notice that when you drink much water, you start to sweat more. But it’s a good thing, because the sweat is cleaning the pores of dirt and dead cells, which leads to soft and non-acne skin.

First thing in the morning drink several glasses of water, before you eat or drink anything else. And then, during the day, eat one glass of water every hour. I’m sure that soon you will notice the difference.