Stereotypes About What Means to be a Lady That Should be Broken


A few centuries ago being a lady meant that you had to be able to paint, play the piano, sing, have proper manners and wear long dresses only. Luckily, nowadays the picture is completely different. You could wear trousers and put your elbows on the table while you eat and still be a lady. When time passes the stereotypes are now broken and there are new unwritten rules for what means to be a lady. Here are the top ones that should be finally broken.

1 A lady never raises her voice

In the past this might have been so, but do not forget that then women had not as much right as they do now. So, to keep them obedient their parents did not allow them to raise their voices. Nowadays women are definitely allowed to shout because nobody likes to be stepped over. If you are able to win an argument without shouting, then you are a strong enough person but if not do not blame yourself. Do not forget that speaking your mind does not make you less of a lady so feel free to raise your voice above your opponent.

2 A lady never makes the first move

Nowadays it seems that women have become stronger than men, or that men are so used to not doing anything to win the heart of their crush that women have to do this job. Well, if you like someone very much just let him know. It could not be by directly facing him and declaring your feelings. Just give him a hint. When you are together in a club, dance close to him, do not be even afraid to touch him. These small sings should show him that you are interested enough in him. Why not even kiss him? This won’t make you less of a lady, on the contrary, it will show that you are strong and you know what you want. You go, girl!

3 A lady never reveals her age

If a man is a gentleman, he should never ask a lady about her age. And if she is a lady she would never reveal her age. Well, there is nothing shameful about your time spend on earth. Every age has its beauty and you should not worry whether someone would not like you because of your age. This will mean that he does not deserve you and you will be wise enough not to care about it. Life is beautiful so do not be ashamed of its natural course.

4 A lady never shows skin

This is definitely an anachronism. If you are proud of your legs why not showing them? Or if you have been through a severe diet and the results are finally visible, why would you want to hide them? You can show some skin and still be classy and chic. But everything should be within normal limits and be careful not to cross the border and from sexy to become sleazy. If you like showing both your legs and breasts, never show them with the same outfit. Showing too much skin is not what a lady should do, but showing a little skin is just the right thing to do if you want to feel both sexy and classy.


5 A lady never drinks

Do not think that getting drunk will make you less of a lady. Everybody should loosen up once in a while, but that does not mean that you should dance like crazy on the tables in a club. Or forget about getting naked in front of a bunch of people you do not know. Everyone can drink, but again within limits. You can still be a lady even if you love drinking as much beer as a random truck driver.

6 A lady never gets tattooed

Why should there be anything wrong with expressing yourself through the art of tattoos? Some employers do not want to hire people with tattoos in visible parts of the body, like the hands, the neck and the face (yes, there are people with such tattoos). But it seems like this trend is changing. More and more people nowadays love tattoos, so this turns into something absolutely normal. If a lady has a tattoo, it could be even more desired by her male surrounding. It does not matter what other people think about it, the most important thing is that this will make you happy and most certainly it won’t make you less of a lady.

7 A lady never gossips

Come on, do you really think that you could kiss someone you liked and not to tell your best friend about it? This is somehow impossible because best friends live for such moments. Or do you think you will be able not to tell your friend if you accidentally saw her boyfriend with another girl? Remember that this does not make you a gossip girl, but a good friend and you will, of course, still be a lady.