Street Style Trends


Every year, especially around Fashion Weeks, people tend to get new style inspirations trough street style pictures. Street style is an amazingly huge and diverse universe. I say universe, because this is how big that business is. So new trends and new ideas how to wear and what to wear come all from the street style.

So 2015 recently came upon us and new trends are coming too. For the more up town and fashionista type of girls the couture-like trends are a must to know and to wear. Fur, statement bags, show and many more.
So what are we wearing in 2015?


Fluff is not only about being fashionable, it is also about not getting a hypothermia during the winter. And we have to admit it – this winter is one of the coldest from years now.
So this winter opt for a fluffy coat or sleeveless jacket. They will both make you seem very stylish and on the high end. It is a great way to bring your ‘A’ game to the fashion world. It used to be something decorative, but nowadays fluffy is a great asset to your wardrobe.


Head-to-toe all in one color is a very smart and stylish fashion decision. First of all there is almost nothing you can go wrong with. And then color blocking might not look great on every type of body.

Monochromatic looks flatter any body and any skin color, since you can do it in any color. But most stylish one color looks are usually in whites, nudes, browns, blacks and as a whole pastels (for spring. Light color and fabrics look great together and they tend to look expensive no matter what they cost.


The military used to be a big trend in the early years of the century. And it is making its way back in. Khaki greens will be the color for the next few months. Also camouflage is coming back in a way.

But if you don’t want to go wrong with your outfits, go for a khaki shirt. The more oversized it is, the better it fits the decade we live in and the way it is ‘cool’ to dress now. Combine it with light blue jeans or white jeans and some ankle booties. A fedora hat would compliment a khaki shirt too.

Bright bags

So statement bags have been around us for a while now. Black will always be THE color, but it kind of got old already. Bright bags can be seen on every french woman – and as we know they have a great taste in fashion (and not only).

But this season it won’t all be about oversized, huge bags. We are going back to small, simple, cross-body bags. And that IS fine. Don’t panic. You can fit enough there and you probably don’t need half of the stuff you have with you anyway. YSL and Chanel are offering amazing pieces that you will probably love at first sight.


So fringe is kind of that boho trend, that though looks very luxurious and could look great on anyone. And no, you don’t have to be a bohemian to pull it off. We have seen in all back in the day – and now it is time to see it again in new and more cooler ways.

Fringe will be often seen on leather jackets and camis. And by wearing something like that you will feel like a rock’n’roll chick. Also a bag or a backpack will elevate your style.