Summer Choices Every Fashion Girl Should Have in Her Closet


The hot summer days are already here and when this happens all the fashion girls who have been waiting for the hot weather to arrive, are ready with their summer shopping and are excited to try all the new trends. If you are still wondering what clothes to buy for the season or whether to buy clothes at all, think again. Here are some incredibly chic summer outfits that we have prepared for you. And as a matter of fact, they are very comfortable. Do not hesitate to try some of them, or even every single one of them.

Everyday Chic

Since summer is one of the seasons, which is a symbol of new beginnings and a lot of colors, then you can match this mood with your outfit. You can try tops or bottoms with floral prints. Some people think that bottoms with floral prints are too much, and if you are afraid to try this, you can at least try a floral jacket for the cooler summer nights. When you have something that colorful, you can combine it with other less colorful parts of the outfit. How about some beige pants? No matter whether they are long or short, they will still look great together with that jacket and a black cropped top under it, it is summer after all. Complete the look with a pair of high heels sandals and you won’t be missed.

Street Chic

Since we are so much in love with floral prints, we are going to include it in our second suggestion as well. And if you already have a floral jacket (because you loved the Everyday Chic look), it will be easier for you to find all the clothes to create this look. You will also need a simple tee, which all of us have in the end of our closet waiting for us to put it on. If you like animals and you like to let the kid in you show up from time to time, then you can wear a tee with an animal application on it. Complete the look with a pair of black jeans and some fashion sneakers. There are a lot of sneakers you can find and love to wear, and you can even have them in floral print. You can go almost everywhere dressed like this, because it is both casual and stylish.

Sophisticated and Stylish (S&S)

To be S&S is a lot of fashion girls’ goal, and you can absolutely rock the look with this simple outfit (do not be afraid, there will be no more floral prints). For this S&S look you will need not only pieces of clothing, but also some accessories. Begin with a simple black tee. This is the color that not only won’t make you look fat, but it also it will make you look slimmer. You can find a simple black tee in any department store. And since it is summer, put on some shorts, but not in black or any other one-color you can think of. Try with some kind of print, it could be dots, lines or geometrical figures, whatever you like best. The shorts will work even better if you like your legs and are not afraid to show them. As for the shoes, another pair of high heels in animal print will do the job. Complete the look by adding accessories, but remember the rule – no more than 3 pieces of accessories. Gold or bronze earrings, a statement bag and a lovely bracelet will work like magic.

Romantic Lady

We have named this look Romantic Lady, because if you are trying to be girly, romantic and sweet, there is no better way to do it than putting on a skirt or, even better, a dress. For this romantic look we have chosen a floral dress. OK, you may be tired of the floral prints, but what better way to be romantic and sweet than to wear something with flowers. Besides, there are so many floral prints that you will have no time to wear them all. Combine it with some sweet black and pink (or coral) sandals. You can also add a small white handbag and even a watch to match it with the dress. This look is absolutely suitable for a walk in the park, or shopping with your friends. You can even go to work dressed like this, of course, depending on your job, if there is not strict dress code.