Take it Fast in The Relationship


Times are changing fast. In the past people learned each others last name, after a couple of dates or more. Nowadays we usually are first friends on Facebook (or another social channel for that matter) before anything else happens. Also before it was normal to fall in love and know it and say it out loud, just right after a day or five. Now I don’t know what has happened. Probably it is because of the commercialism of life or something, but we don’t believe in the beauty and magic of love anymore. And that is sad!

Is there anything bad in feeling strongly about someone? I guess no. And I think that people should start believing in love at first sight again. Because let’s face it – it is possible. Way more than possible – it happens to people. They are just afraid to admit, because of social norms or whatever.

Taking things slow is a priority. It is the way things should be done. But, well guess what – NO! That is just in our minds. It is planted there because of the wicked society we live in and also the wicked and awful times, that have killed all the romantics and spontaneity in life! So leave that behind and think about what it could be!

The biggest problem that we have when in a new relationship that is mobbing fast is the overthinking. I am almost sure that is unhealthy and should be illegal – just like drugs! Because it kind of affects your mind the same way! So nowadays if a relationship moving fast you or the other person probably find a problem in the whole thing. But there shouldn’t be!

Let’s look at it in some more literal way. When you go to a beach do you enjoy it? Yes, you do I am sure! Well while being there do you think about things you would when in a relationship like “How is it so beautiful?, “What is the reason for that?” and stuff like that? I am certain you do not!

If something is good, well going, beautiful, amazing and gorgeous – well, it just is. There is no reason to mock it and kill it with overthink and the most modern thing right now – playing games – don’t call three days after a date and don’t text back immediately. If we have to speak the truth this is bullshit and you shouldn’t do it. To enjoy a healthy life and relationships you should just go with the flow and live for the moment!

What is right and fast or slow should be defined only by you and the other person. Not some crazy norms. Just be sure that the feelings are real and enjoy it!

© sneksy