That is What You Should Know About Wearing High Heels

Wear high heels

Unfortunately, high heels can be the trickiest thing ever. They could be your best friend, but usually the case is different. Firstly, they are your worst enemy and you hate each other. But in a while things usually change. You get to know each other and then you find out that it is not that bad. Then your heels become your best friend and the thing you can’t live without. And for the modern woman that is how the things should be.

Many people hate heels, just because they can’t walk in them. But think about that – is it a can’t or a don’t want to learn. Before you decide not to wear heels just take your time to learn to walk in them and then you won’t regret it. Here are some tips on coping with high heels and being sexy while walking in them.

How to wear high heels the right way

  • Wear a pair you love

If you are just wearing a pair of heels that looks comfortable or something like that, you won’t enjoy that much the process of learning how to walk in high heels. But imagine slipping on the most beautiful pair of high heels that you could ever imagine wearing (or the least a pair you love very much). The feeling will be much more satisfying at the end.

  • Small steps

High heels shoesThe key to succeeding in your first tries in high heels is to take small steps. Some wise man once said that the secret to success is taking small, but wise steps. Well, it is kind of the same thing with high heels. By taking small steps you assure your body and you are in control, not the shoes. If you make very long strikes while walking, you risk loosing balance, because you are not that strong.

  • Heel, than toe

I don’t know how you walk, but the way it should always be is first stepping on your heel and than on your toes. No matter the shoes! So this is utterly important when in high heels, because trying to step first on your toes might lead to falling over flat on your face. And by the way stepping heel-toe will make you look leaner and sexy. Of course, there is in exception to every rule – when climbing up or down the stairs it is toe than the heel. But while walking – the opposite.

  • Break the bottoms

Well, not literally. But in order to walk comfortably in high heels specialists advice us to scratch the soles of the shoe with some sandpaper. No matter if you do it with sandpaper or you just walk in them for a week – they will be scratched. But if you do it at home, you assure yourself of a more comfortable and safe walk. That is all because of the extra traction.

  • Sit

People tend to be very insecure about sitting, when wearing high heels. Why? Probably because everyone would think it is because of the shoes. And no matter if it is or not – do it if you need to. There is no shame in it. This will give your feet a chance to rest and then you will feel refreshed and will walk on with new power.

  • Accidents happen

This might be your biggest fear, but – ACCIDENTS HAPPEN and there is no shame in that! Models like Naomi Campbell, Heidi Clum, Cara Delevingne – they all have fallen on the runway at one point or another. The trick is not to take it too deep. Just laugh it out and go on. The whole thing is about not being afraid!