The Deadliest Foods You Consume Every Day


Nowadays it is hard to eat healthy, or at least most people that eat a lot of junk food say this. They have a lot of work, meetings and so little time they could spare for a healthy lunch. So the most obvious thing they do is to grab something from the nearby lunch box and eat it without thinking of the consequences. The one thing, however, they miss to notice is that this food could have a disastrous effect on the body. Here are the deadliest foods you should stop eating right now.

Hot dogs

You can see them almost everywhere. They have turned into an international phenomenon. You walk on the street and see a hot dog stand in every corner. They are sold to baseball games and even school cafeterias. Basically, they are so popular because they are delicious, you can find them everywhere, you do not need a fork or a spoon, they are cheap and will make you feel full. However, what is not so obvious is that they are very unhealthy. Except from the known ingredients, like meat, salt, garlic and hot dogs also have sodium erythorbate and sodium nitrate and they are linked to health problems. A recent study has shown that people who eat hot dogs every day have an increased risk for developing cancer by 20%.

Potato chips

Probably you are not surprised that potato chips are in the list of the deadliest foods. Although they are very delicious, they are absolutely bad for your health. Only in one bag of chips (one serving of 15 to 20 potato chips) contains 154 calories which you will eat without even noticing it. In other word, the more chips you eat the fatter you will become. But gaining weight is not the only thing that is bad about eating potato chips. Statistics have shown that except for leading to obesity, eating high-calorie foods also lead to diabetics, heart disease and even cancer.


Who does not love a big plate full of pancakes with a hot cup of coffee in a Sunday morning? Pancakes, however, are not the healthiest breakfast there is but not the deadliest as well. They contain an amount of vitamins and minerals, like iron, copper, zinc and magnesium. However, they also have just the right amount of sugars, fats and sodium become a food that you should not eat every day if you do not want to become obese. This could also lead to diseases like diabetics, high blood pressure and even heart problems.


Speaking of the perfect breakfast, there is nothing better than a cup of coffee in the morning that can wake you up and fill you up with energy for the whole day. There are, of course, some health benefits that coffee has. One of which is that it has a small number of calories, only about 2 calories in 100 ml, without sugar or milk, of course. However, there are other ingredients in coffee that do not make it the perfect drink. It contains acrylamide, which is one potentially cancer causing agent. It becomes one of the ingredients in it after the coffee has been roasted, so thus, the darker the coffee roasts, the dangerous the coffee becomes for the body. So, if you cannot completely escape from drinking coffee, at least drink a lesser amount of it.

French fries

The person who invented french fries was probably both genius and a criminal because this is one of the most delicious foods and still one of the deadliest ones. Everybody knows how french fries are made, they are deep-fried, put in a big container of oil, which in the process of frying is absorbed into the potatoes. A small portion of french fries contain about 340 calories. Can you imagine how much this is? And after that you do not even feel that full. The oil, which is used in frying is high in trans fats,which rises the levels of cholesterol in the body.


This delicious Italian food is favorite to many people in the world. If you prepare the right sauce for your taste, this will be one of your most cooked meals. However, it is not good to eat it every day or even at every meal. Everything more than just a hundred grams a day cooked pasta is bad, your health because as you know this is doughty meal that can raise your blood sugar drastically and it has a high glycemic index which could make you strolling down to obesity.

Ice cream

There is a gold rule in eating: “If it is that delicious, it has to be not healthy”. With ice cream this proverb is absolutely true. The ice cream has a high fat content. And mostly its fats are milk ones which show that is has a lot of cholesterol in it. If you eat more that the recommended amount of ice cream a day (1 cup for women and 1.5 for men) this could also lead to plaque building up in your arteries followed by high blood pressure and possible heart disease and stroke.