The Items Every Working Girl Should Have On Her Desk


Nowadays every striving and successful woman should have a career. Unfortunately, that is one of the reasons why women spend most of their time in the office. Some of them come early and leave late so that they can complete their tasks on time. And if a person spends so much time in a certain place, they will need some essential things. It is like keeping some necessary things in your purse – you may need them any time.

So, if you are curious to know which are these things that you should definitely have on your desk, sit back and enjoy the article!

A pair of flats

Every working girl should have a pair of high heels at work, which to make her legs leaner and more elegant. Some people say that if you want to succeed in your work, you need to wear high heels, because this way people would take you more seriously.

However, a lady cannot spend a whole day walking around in high heels. This will cause her a lot of inconvenience, not to mention that due to the height of the heels, your legs will seriously hurt. So, if you want to do something clever, just keep a pair of flats around. While nobody is looking at you, you may put them on and give your tired feet some rest. If there is a chance, you may also keep a pair of flats in your car so that your driving is even safer and more comfortable.

A deodorant and other feminine necessities

As much as we hate to admit it, ladies are not perfect, even though they may look perfect. In order to fake it and appear flawless in every situation, ladies use some feminine products.

So, if you do not want to ask a colleague for a tampon in a crowded room, you’d better keep such things on your desk. Another thing that you will need, especially in the summer months, is a deodorant. If you do not want to be constantly worried whether the sweat would take the better of you, just keep a deodorant stick with you, no matter whether it is in your purse or on your desk.


Spending all day at the office does not guarantee you that the weather will stay fine throughout the day. In the morning it could be sunny, but in the late afternoon it could be pouring rain.

So, an umbrella would always be something you would need to have on your desk. There are some umbrellas that are smaller, so you can keep such one on your desk if you do not want it to take most of your space there. But whatever you do, make sure that you have an umbrella on your desk.


In general, lunch breaks take only an hour.

Just an hour a day to get something to eat?

And how about all those instructions that you should eat regularly in small amounts?

There is just no way you can do this with this one hour of lunch break. For that reason a lady should always keep some snacks on her desk. If you have a lot of work and you are hungry, you won’t be able to concentrate completely on the tasks you have to complete.

A person can work much better when they have something close to them to keep their mind on the task. And that is exactly what snacks are doing, especially if accompanied by a nice cup of hot coffee.

Hair ties

It is true that a woman should always look flawless from bottom to top. That is why she should always have some of the other small necessities to help her do the job. In the morning when you leave your house, your hair could be great, but with all the traveling to the office and spending all day there, you for sure cannot expect that your hairstyle remains without a single lock of hair sticking out.

That it why every working lady should have some hair ties and some bobby pins on her desk, which to keep the situation (the hairstyle) under control. And sometimes the hairstyle you make at the office with just these items, could look absolutely glamorous, as if you have just stepped on the red carpet. So, do not underestimate the power of the small items.

Cell phone charger

A working lady should always a cell phone charger on her desk, especially the business women. Since they use their cell phones the most when they are at work, they hardly remember about them when they come back at home. And if they have a cell phone charger only at home, they will hardly remember to charge it when they come back. And that is definitely not a piece of good news if one is expecting a very important phone call.

You will save yourself a lot of troubles if you just have two cell phone chargers: one at home, and the other one in your office.