The Right Prom Dress for Your Body Shape



What is your body shape?

  • Straight

    A straight shaped body is a body where your figure is just kind of undefined. Which means that you have bust and hips that are sized the same. Also you don’t really have a waste that is defined. This is a straight body type. And don’t feel like this is bad. It actually is amazing. You will why? Well, because you will look god in whatever your wear, no matter what it is. Isn’t that amazing? I imagine many women having a happy dance right now. The good thing is that you can’t make your self look shorter by wearing what you like – exactly the opposite. So feel free to experiment.

    It is a good idea though to try and fall in love with a dress that defines your waist. Since your is undefined you can play with that in whatever way you want. You can show your shoulders, because this will build a beautiful silhouette for you. I would advise you to have a clean bottom part of the dress and a busier top. This will balance out your whole look.

  • Hourglass

    A girl with an hourglass figure is one with curves. And curves are gorgeous. They are beautiful and they need to be accentuated, shown and loved. Women with curves usually have a very defined waist. So it is good for it to be shown. Also it depends on the exact body you have and how you feel in it, but you can play around quite a bit. Remember that you need to be proud of your body and you are amazing.

    One of the things that will look amazing on the top part of you is the wrap-style. It usually is fitted and on the bottom you can have a flowy skirt or a body hugging one. Of course it is up to you. But since it will be tight on top you can do whatever. Another great idea for a woman with curves is the empire-line type of clothes. They will define your bust and waist and then flow beautiful around you. If you choose this style it would be better to go for a long dress, since it will just be more interesting and it will have much more of a flow to it.

    One thing though: stay away from full skirts!

  • Triangle

    I know that this one sounds strange too. But don’t worry you don’t literally look like a geometric figure. First of all it is an inverted triangle. This is because your shoulders are broader and your hips are kind of athletic. Don’t worry you have many options. A one should dress is perfect for your body type. It will balance it out and look stunning. The same applies for very thing straps. They will look very sexy.

    As a whole you have what to choose from. Many people though don’t like showing their shoulders and arms. If you are one of them go for sleeve, but then balance everything with a deep V-neck. It will compliment your body and you will be sexy as hell. If you like your shoulders you must choose a model, that emphasizes them, but don’t go too short. A knee length is perfect. Otherwise it will look trashy. It you are though into longer dresses, go for something floor length that flows. The thing about your body is that you can do whatever you like on the bottom. But the top part should be either one shoulder, thin straps or a V-neck.

  • Pear

    So the fruit body types are quite different than the geometrical ones. Women who have pear body shape are the women who have bigger hips. But then they have a small waist. And to be honest that is sexy. Also many women do waist training and squads just to achieve that body type. Since your bottom part of the body is bigger you need to be simpler there. All the embellishments of you garments should be on the top side.

    Your waist and body type allow you to do whatever you like with your top part of your outfit. But it is better for it to be fitted. This will balance everything out. Too baggy tops won’t work that well for you. You need a simple skirt that doesn’t scream. So a crazy top can balance out beautifully with a one colored skirt. It can be a print, but it should not be one that is over the top. Something simple. If you like your legs choose knee length. And if you don’t go for a floor length. Collars look great on your body, BTW.

  • Apple

    One more fruit shaped body. Those are all of you that have bigger hips, but also have bigger bust. Then you either have thing legs or you have athletic ones. Usually the second case. As a whole your body is shaped beautifully and it is not that though to dress it accordingly. You just have to know what is for you. And what is for your is clothes that create for you a waist line. One thing to remember though – short dresses are your enemy! You don’t need them and they don’t need you. They will make you body appear shorter and unpropitious, though it is not!

    What you need is a dress that is rather fitted. Especially at the waist. You need more simplicity in your dress, because your body will add up to it the Va-Va-Voom effect. Try something like a V-neck. You have a lot to show there. Then it should be fitted at the waist and then it could continue o be fitted. A mid calf dress will compliment you well. And if you don’t want it to be fitted from the waist down then just choose something that is floor length, because other lengths will look funny.


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