Tips For Planning Menus


It’s not easy to plan a menu for the whole weekend – breakfast, lunch and dinner. But if you want to keep up with the healthy lifestyle, you have to make a plan, because the restaurants are not so reliable about the fresh products and also, it will cost you a lot more to eat at restaurants all the time. I prefer to put the money on my Vacation saving account. In this article you can find a few secrets for housewives, which were polite enough to share them with us. And here they are:

  • You will have to turn into a detective. A detective have a notebook and writes everything down. You should play the same role. Gather the members of your household if you are not living alone and ask  them about their favorite meals, homemade snack, ingredients, herbs and so on. Make a list. Then find the recipes for the favorite dishes and leave more sheets for add-ons in the future.

  • The secret number two is connected with the secret number one – the recipe collection. Make a recipe box or folder, something which will be easy to touch when you need a reminder. Also, make a cookbook nook in your kitchen. Half of a drawer will be enough. The bookmarking system will work perfectly too.

  • Here comes the third trick – Schedule your meals weekly or monthly. I know that it’s a hard job to do it all by yourself in one evening, but imagine the relief when the next week you will know what you will cook for dinner. You will save so much time from wandering and shopping in the store, still wondering what to cook for dinner, because you will be able to do the shopping when you have some spare time. You can also consider the complexity of the meals according to the business of the day. If you have many appointments for a certain day, choose to cook something that can be prepared fast, or use slow-cooker, it will be a perfect helper for busy days.

  • Choose the meals according to the seasons. It is always better to eat foods that are in season. This will save you money and keep you as healthy as it is possible, because the foods that are out of their season, but they are on the market, then you should know that they are forced to grow in an unnatural way. You can make a little trick in the schedule – don’t label the days with certain recipes every time, give yourself a little room for creativity and label some of the days as Pasta or Soup days and then choose the recipe according to the leftover ingredients in the fridge.

  • Choose recipes which can hold on for more than just one dinner. That will save you money and time. Just turn the leftovers into another delicious meal. Don’t you ever throw food in the garbage! If your family can’t eat it – donate it. The food is good enough to be eaten even after  two or three days (depends on the type of food), when it is stored carefully in the fridge.

  • And the last trick is to plan the whole menu, don’t forget about the breakfasts and the lunches!