Tutorial For Brow Shaping


Sometimes we come to this world with flaws. I’m not talking about diseases, I’m talking about beauty flaws, like problematic skin, lack of hairs in certain places, or excessive hairs on other places, too white, too dark, hooded lids or thin lips, there are so many flaws that I can’t even list them.

But why we call these things flaws?

Because of the trends and the culture of a certain society. If other people claim that something isn’t beautiful, you start to feel different from the crowd. If you like the thing that is claimed to be not-beautiful, then you shouldn’t change it. But if you don’t like it, for instance the pale and extremely thin eyebrows, you have to learn how making them look the way you will like them and the way they will match the rest of your makeup. O

ften beauty is all about matching and symmetry, if you manage to master the matching and the symmetry skills, then you will have no trouble at all with your beautiful look. Check out the steps and see exactly how to shape and color your brows in order to look as the perfect match for your face and eye makeup. Here we go:

You will need these tools and products:

  • Brow brush (or old and clean mascara brush);
  • Brow color, which match the hair color;
  • Concealer
  • Brow pencil;
  1. First, define the shape of the brows. Use the pencil, place it alongside the nose and add points to define the beginning, the place of the arch and the end of the brow.
  2. Then comb the brows with a little bit of color.
  3. Line the shape with the pencil.
  4. Pluck the hairs that are out of that shape.
  5. Fill in the shape with a flat brush.
  6. Apply concealer around the brow to make it look flawless. Then run over the brows with a clean brush in order to remove the excess color and to make the texture look more natural.