Eyebrows Shaping Tutorial

Eyebrows Shaping Tutorial

A few years ago the eyebrows weren’t so important, but now we are crazy about shaping the perfect eyebrows. You might think that the brows don’t need to to be colored, and you might think that they are visible enough, but that is wrong.

After you are done with the foundation and the powder, be sure that the brows will look pale and faded, because some of the facial skin coverage material is hiding the brows. And if you are going to a party, where the cameras will shoot you all the time, you will be unpleasantly surprised to discover that your brows are not visible at all.

That’s why you have to learn how to enhance your eyebrows. Let’s go through this tutorial together and follow it step by step:

  1. First of all, you have to decide exactly what kind of shape to create according to your face. The basic rule is to play with the arch – if your face has sharp and square features, make the arch softer and lower and if your face is round, you can make high arch. Just keep the balance.
  2. Then use a small liner brush and contour the shape of the brow. If you have thin and small brows, outline them.
  3. Once the shape is contoured and decided, you can remove the excess hairs by plucking them gently with tweezers.
  4. Then fill in the brow with the very same color of your brows. You can use again the flat brush or instead of the brush, you can use a brow pencil.
  5. The next step is very important for the good looking brows – the highlighting step. When you highlight the brow bone, you make it look more natural, like it is never drawn and enhanced.
  6. Another natural-achieving trick is to brush the brow with a clean old mascara brush. This way you will remove any excess material from the pencil or the brush.
  7. All done! Enjoy the gorgeous brows you have!