Ways to Wear Leggings and Look Stylish


The leggings trend reappeared on the scene a few years ago and ever since it has definitely gone through a lot of changes. There are so many questions related to the way we wear them. Can prints flatter your figure? Can they be worn as pants or not? Should they cover your bottom? How elegant are they and can they be worn to slightly more official events? Are they more casual or for nights out…or both? What are the perfect shoes to pair them with?
The truth is that we are huge fans of leggings precisely because of their versatility. You can find a pair according to your taste whatever your style is. They can be very flattering for your figure, especially when worn with wedges or high-heels. Embrace them and you can rely on them making you look good! Take a look at a few styling ideas with leggings:

  • Leggings are a great in-between option for those of you who are not fully convinced of the power of leggings: they are basically jeans with no zippers or buttons. The super-stretchy fabric can tighten your legs and make them look great. Wear them with ankle boots and a leather jacket or a faux fur coat for some extra style! They are a great option for an everyday look.
  • The black faux-leather or PVC pair has become truly iconic and a must-have piece in most fashionable girls’ wardrobe. Not only are they are incredibly sexy, but they truly go with anything and can be taken from a day look to a night one quite easily! For your daytime outfit, a chunky white sweater and sneakers can tone them down a little, while for a night look you can wear them with a bustier or a tunic and still look fabulous!
  • The patterned leggings are a more extravagant version. There is everything on the market: from tartan, polka-dots and stripes, to galaxy prints, Star Wars prints, etc. Since these pieces are a little crazier, it is safer to wear them with a more “boring” top, so that they remain centre of attention within the appearance. Pick out something in a basic color: black, white or grey, and you cannot go wrong.
  • Leggings with cut outs or with leather elements are the next level. Cut outs can sound kind of scary, but do not worry: they are usually made in a way that is not too vulgar. Leather elements are for those of you who do not want a full on leather look.
  • All of these options are equally great, in our opinion, so definitely try them out and make your outfit game a little more interesting: jeans will not disappear!