What is your personality according to your choice of watch

What person according to your watch

It has been said that you can guess a person’s individuality according to their clothes, gestures, facial features, hands. Now even your watch can tell about your personality. Watches are great because they not only tell the time but are also great accessories.

There are so many types of watches like sports watches, wristwatches, casual watches, fashion watches, pocket watches, made of rubber, plastic, gold, silver, steel, analog, digital, quartz ones and many others. Did you recognize your favorite type of watch?

Then read on to see

What watch says about your personality?

Thin, Silver Watch

If your favorite watch is a thin silver one, it means that you are romantic, classic and sophisticated woman. It is both simple and elegant. And the best part is that it can be worn both for everyday activities and special dinner parties.

Leather Watch

If you love to wear a watch with a leather strap, especially if it is a dark color, like brown or black, then it means you are practical and sensible. It may suggest that you are more of a bookish type but do not worry, that does not mean that people will think of you as someone boring. With the right kind of leather watch you will be both stylish and business-oriented.

Diamond Watch

If your type of watch is covered with diamonds (or cubic zircinia) then you love the glamor and glitter of life. You do not mind being in the spotlight and center of attention. This kind of watch suggests that you are more of a party person than a business one. Only be careful not to come off as a diva.

Oversize Watch

You know those watches with big faces and numbers. They are called boyfriend watch because the size of it is made for a man. If you are an owner of one then it means you are highly ambitious, self-driven and independent woman. You want everything to go your way. The size of the watch suggest also that the person wearing it is very powerful and it is not to be messes with.

Sports Watch

sports watch personalityAs the name suggests, sports watches wearers are often organized and like the outdoor activities. They are active and like to be on time. Most of the women wear them because they are very comfortable while doing exercises.

On the other hand, there are women, or better yet teenage girls who love wearing them because they are fashionable and are catching the eye.

Classic Watch

If you choose to wear a classical watch then you want to feel comfortable, relaxed and cool. You are practical and don’t like to waist your time especially when you have a lot of work. But it also means that you are helpful in nature and enjoy new experiences.