What Should Every Girl Have in Her Purse?


So there are some necessities every girl should have in her purse. And I am not talking about lads of make and stuff you don’t really need. There are actually  only 6 things you really do need and don’t often think about. The rest is kind of optional.

Well, this one is quite obvious why is in the list. It is something that is identifying you and you could need it at any moment of your life. You never know what will happen. And actually the law obliges you to have an ID with you at all times. So when preparing everything you need in your beg, don’t forget this precious little document.

Credit/debit card
Preferably both and preferably with no limit. Nowadays people don’t usually have a lot of cash with them. The newest and actually very useful trend is using your debit or credit card. It is a fast way to pay and always have money, without even carrying cash. So there is not a lot to worry about. So if you have a wallet, just put your cards there and never take them out and leave them at home. And if not, just don’t forget to put them in your bag.

Your phone probably is your sanctuary if you are a normal millennial person. Most people nowadays can’t really live without their smartphones. And pretty soon our phones will be the only thing we carry in our purse, because we will be able to include anything important. But for now it is only for a social cause. So don’t forget to grab it on your way out (btw, not a bad idea to keep a charger in your purse too).

Although I already said that we live in a digital age and all we need are out phones, you actually never know. From time to time you will need to sign something or you will have no battery and you will probably need to write down something. Once you start carrying a pen, you will see how much you actually need and use one (secret: a lot!).

Lip balm
You never know when you will find yourself with cracked lips. And your lips should actually always be kissable.  It is an essential for every woman and actually a man too in my opinion. Hydrated lips are beautiful lips. So don’t forget that!

Business cards
So if you are working you probably have those. If not that one doesn’t apply to you. Or if you work, but you haven’t gotten to that yet – it is about time! Having business cards at all times is important, because work opportunities are all around us. Having a few of those, just a quick grab away could only work for you, not against you.

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