What to Consider When Choosing Eye Cream


Skincare is the true foundation of beauty and women should not forget that. No amount of makeup is enough to hide unhealthy, problematic skin. Besides, it is better for your self-confidence and even happiness to wake up, look at the mirror and see your beautiful face.

That is why it is far more important to invest in good-quality (that does not necessarily mean expensive, though!) skincare cosmetics products. The other thing that is really important when making your choice in front of the endless counters at the drugstore is to consider what your skin needs exactly: are you at an age to consider anti-aging products?

Do you have dry, oily or combination skin?

Is acne or redness your problem?

Making a mistake and buying products that are not appropriate for your skin type can be as bad as not buying anything at all.

Eye cream is something that many of us already have in our routine. However, picking the best eye moisturizer has its little secrets too. Take a look at the list of things you should know about using eye cream:

  • A widespread recommendation by dermatologists and cosmeticians is to use a separate product for your eye area and another one for the rest of the face. If you want to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, you should know that the skin around your eyes is thinner and much more sensitive, so it needs some extra care. In case you have fine lines, wrinkles or puffiness around your eyes, go for an eye cream for that area and then apply your regular moisturizer to your face.
  • There are, in fact, eye creams which claim that can battle dark circles. However, many dermatologists say that dark circles can appear due to lots of reasons, some of which can be battled only with concealer and cover up. That does not mean you do not need to try, but maybe do not rely only on the eye cream and find other DIY remedies: the more, the better! Maybe finally you will find what is your own personal solution.
  • In case you want anti-aging properties in your eye cream and need to fight away wrinkles, look for the ingredient “retinol”. It helps for the boost of collagen and elastic production in the area and works towards minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • If puffiness is your main issue, then you need an eye product that contains caffeine. It soothes your skin and can lead to a decrease in puffiness and makes your skin look fresh.
  • Be aware that your skin has a limit to what it can absorb, so do not pile different eye creams for a quicker and better effect: it will not work! It is better to invest in one product that deals with your own particular concern and use it on a regular basis.
  • Make the usage of eye cream your habit, just like applying moisturizer twice a day or even brushing your teeth. Soon enough it will become part of your skincare routine and the results will not be delayed!