What To Drink And Why


What to drink?
Tea and water!

Why to drink them?

Because these drinks have nothing but amazing and efficient health benefits.  Let’s start with the boasting of the teas. We know tat the tea is one of the keys of reducing stress, better healthy life and wisdom of the East. The bright and glowing life of the people from the east has inspired the researchers in the West to study the health benefits of the different types of trees. These studies have shown us that some teas are capable of helping the cancer fight, preventing heart disease and diabetes. And other encourage weight loss, reduce the level of the cholesterol and increase mental alertness.

If you find your way to switch the coffee with a cup of tea, you will notice the difference right away. You will feel better, you will be toned and relaxed, with more energy for your daily routine. Check out the different teas and how they help us mentally and physically:

Green tea. This tea is full of antioxidants, which may fight the cancer cells, prevent clogging of the arteries, also burn fat and reduce the level of the stress in the brain and balances the levels of the cholesterol. The antioxidants of the green tea is also believed that fight the illnesses caused by cigarette smoking. You can easily purchase green tea plants and grow them according to the instructions on the package. This plant is not whimsy.
Black tea. It is actually made from fermented green tea leaves. And you can completely replace your morning coffee with a cup of black tea because it has the highest caffeine level. Drinking black tea also may reduce the risk of a stroke.

White tea. We talked already about the antioxidants. They are the protectors of the organism, and white tea is full of these protective nutrients. Alongside with the fighting cancer properties, the white tea may help you lower the blood pressure, which means that people with low levels of blood pressure shouldn’t drink white tea. If you want strong and healthy oral area, white tea is your friend: it contains small amounts of fluoride and other ingredients which keep the teeth strong and healthy and tightens the gums.

Oolong tea. The Oolong tea will even out the levels of the cholesterol, but yet if you have a bad cholesterol you should ask for advice your doctor. The main rule is to reduce the eating foods with high levels of protein – pork, beef, eggs and so on.

Blue vervain. This herb, boiled and made a tea out of it may calm down your stressed nervous system. Although it can make you sleep well. But be careful with the intake, because it’s not recommended to drink blue vervain for a long time.

Chamomile. It’s a common herb for making a tea out of it and it is known to help with fighting a flu, it also helps soothe the stomach and decrease mild anxiety.
So, the conclusion is: drink tea and you will feel strong, confident and relaxed!