What to Eat During the Week: The Astrological Approach


People have been fascinated with the phases of the Sun and the Moon for centuries.  Even the Church coordinates some of its biggest celebrations with the movement of the Moon. It is a part of nature and people should preserve their connection to the natural way of life as much as possible since it is probably the best way to prevent disease and keep yourself healthy and fit. However, most of us have lost our connection with nature and we do not treat our bodies the way we should. However, here is a simple guide of what to eat during the week according to the Moon’s movement. Not only is it healthy, but it may lead you to some weight-loss!

Monday is the day of the Moon. It is best to avoid tomatoes, onions, garlic and other spicy foods. You should not put too much soul in your food and reduce the intake of bread and pasta. The best foods for your Monday menu are dairy foods, yoghurt, and fruit (except for citrus fruit).

Tuesday is the day of Mars. You can enjoy spicy foods, peppers, garlic and onions and all kinds of legumes. You can also consume eggs, meat and other protein. Again, avoid pastry, bread, pasta.

Wednesday is the day of Mercury. Vegetables are the perfect food for the middle of the week, especially carrots, beetroot and cauliflower. Also, increase the intake of green spices and salads, pumpkin, nuts small fruit and legumes. These types of food will activate your stomach work and will give you a great boost of energy. Avoid eating fats and protein.

Thursday is Jupiter’s day. It is best to consume foods that stimulate your bile: lemon juice, olive oil or sour foods. Avoid eating pastries, potatoes, beetroot, carrots and all similar vegetables.

Friday is Venus’s day. The perfect menu for the end of the working week consists of fruit, nuts, honey, and a small amount of bread and pasta. It is best to restrain from eating eggs, mushrooms, spicy foods and fish.

Saturday is the day of Saturn. It is best not to eat too much on Saturdays. Focus on eating cabbage, cheese, spinach, strawberries, mushrooms, nuts and cucumbers. A little sweet foods and onion and garlic are OK. However, avoid canned foods and oveating.

The end of the week is marked by the day of the Sun. On Sunday your organism is very active and the good news is there are no limitations to what you can eat, so indulge in whatever you are craving while you are resting and preparing for a new working week!