What to Eat to Get That Perfect Skin?


Achieving that perfect skin is about your whole attitude towards it. It is not about just doing one thing. First of all you have to keep your skin clean – remove makeup every night or use tonic, no matter makeup or free of it, because the pores get clogged up with dirt.

Probably having a washed and clean face is the most important. But there is loads more that you have to do: moisturize, protect from the sun, use aging creams, take in Vitamins and have balanced diet.

Once we have mentioned diet, let’s get into that whole thing. The skin (as your body) benefits from eating healthy and things that hydrate and not irritate. Things that are not good for your stomach, or too greasy, usually are awful for your skin too. So it turns out that there are thing you could eat, so that you help the health and look of your skin. Most of them are amazingly delicious (depending on taste, of course) and you will love the idea of doing that for yourself!

  • Tomatoes

So the start is good. The red fruit salad is very rich in antioxidants. First of all antioxidants throw out of your system the toxins. In other words – anything you don’t need in your body is killed by tomatoes. Who knew? Also tomatoes have many Vitamins in them. So they help your skin to look younger and elastic.

  • Yoghurt

Yoghurt is something very delicious and light to eat. So it won’t bloat you, which is good for you. It is rich in protein. And the protein helps you to keep your skin younger and tighter. Just choose low fat and sugarless yoghurt, because sugar and fat are bad for you.

  • Blue fruits

So this includes blueberries, plums and any other berries and fruits that have the blue color. First of all they taste good and help your metabolism. Then they are also rich in antioxidants, which we already said – remove the toxins from the body. Also the antioxidants that are contained in blue fruits protects us form cancerous cells.

  • Red peppers

Red peppers are something people usually forget to eat fresh. But it is so good. They are full with vitamins -C, B6, and even fibers. Good for your skin, body and soul. Those three things – Vitamin C & B6 and the fibers are fighting the aging of the skin and the wrinkles. Also, they are good for your blood pressure.

  • Spinach

Do you remember Popeye? He was always eating spinach, so that he was strong. But that is not the only thing that the spinach could do for you. It helps the basic health of your skin, which is usually forgotten. Spinach will help for glower and tighter skin.

  • Salmon

I think there is almost no list with healthy food, where the salmon is not consistent. It is the most healthiest fish out there. And also it could be cooked in many, many ways – which makes it diverse and delicious. The salmon is rich in proteins and Omega-3 – those are actually the things that make your skin look younger and way more hydrated.

  • Chocolate

We left the best for last. All women out there (and men actually) can be happy now. Just let’s get at something – you should eat tons of it. More than ½ of a normal sized chocolate a day is farther than enough. People say that chocolate can cause acne, but the truth is that chocolate actually helps in the fight with it. That is if eaten in small amounts.