What To Wear On New Year‘s Eve

new year what to wear

New Year‘s Eve is only three weeks away and it‘s time to decide on what to wear! Choosing what to wear on New Year‘s Eve is hard and it depends on many things – where are you going, with whom, is it indoors or outdoors, what‘s the weather like. Because of all that I feel that you can use some help with figuring out what to wear on New Year‘s Eve depending on where you‘re going so here are my tips:

First of all, you need to know if you are going to be inside or outside. If you are going to celebrate inside:

  • If you are going to be in a fancy restaurant or a hotel, don‘t be afraid to rock that sparkly dress you bought last year for a special occasion. This is maybe the most typical scenario and you can basically wear what you want as long as it looks festive and sparkly.
  • If you are going somewhere in the mountains, you can still be festive, but it won’t be that appropriate if you are with a formal gown. Pair black leggings with stylish boots (you won’t be comfortable with heels so choose ones with no heel) and an elegant sweater with sequins or a statement jewelry.
  • If you have chosen to be somewhere abroad where’s hot, like Greece or Hawaii, for example, you can be more casual, with a long flowy dress and a statement jewelry piece.

If you are going to celebrate outside:

  • It’s really important that you are dressed comfortably and according to the weather. If you are going to celebrate on Times Square, for example, I would advise you to choose boots without heels because you will have to stand for a long period of time. Also, choose warm clothes – a thick coat, sweater and jeans. Don’t forget to bring a hat, scarf and gloves to make sure you will be warm all the time.
  • The same goes if you are going to be somewhere in the mountains where there will be snow and it will definitely be colder. Just make sure that your shoes are good for snow and instead of a coat go for a jacket that’s more appropriate for snow and wind. You can add more sparkle to your outfit by putting a festive headband on.

No matter where outside you will be, don’t forget that even if your outfit doesn’t look festive enough, you can play with your hair and makeup. Add a bold lipstick, curl your hair and make a sparkly cat eye with some colorful eye pencil