Which are The Foods That Help Lose Weight

How to losing weight eating

When a person thinks about food, they probably think about gaining weight and never dropping some. This is absolutely a logical thought since we need food for energy, and when we eat more food than we need for the day, our body stores the ingredients we need in our body, and they are the fat we have. So, it is hard to imagine the reverse process – to eat and to lose weight, every woman’s dream. Brace yourselves, girls! This is not a myth! There are actually foods that help us lose weight. Do you want to know which ones are they? Here they are!

Lose weight eating salmonIt is no wonder why these fish are bears’ favorite food. This food has so many healthy fats that we can lose track of time counting them. And this is why it can fill you up with just a few bites. It is also very easy to cook, you will hardly need extra cooking oil, because salmon has its own.

As for the losing weight part, here is how it works: when you regularly eat salmon (at least one a week), your metabolism boosts because of the omega-3 fats it contains.

Delicious and helpful.

Losing weight eating cucumbersAdmit it, who would have thought about cucumbers when we talk about foods that help us lose weight? They are delicious, yet simple food. You can find cucumbers in every grocery store, and the prices are reasonable. Here is how their magic works. Cucumbers contain more than 90% water, thus they hardly have any calories. When you are hungry, but you want to lose weight, you can eat as much cucumbers as you want. They will fill in your stomach, they will quench your thirst, and will give your body a lot of vitamins and minerals that it needs.

They are not only extremely delicious, they help us lose weight despite the fact that they are sweet. Hard to believe it, right? But it is true. A recent study has shown that if you start eating strawberries instead of other sweets which have a lot of calories, like chocolate, cakes, cookies, and others, you will not only have a healthy dessert, full of vitamins, but also it will lead you to eating an average of 134 fewer calories at your next meal. Good job, scientists!

Contrary to the claim that nuts have a lot of calories and you can put on some weight because of them, hazelnuts help you lose weight. This is because they have monounsaturated fats, which means that these fats are good ones, like the ones found in the salmon. They will not only not “gather” on your belly or your hips, but they will also help you blast the belly fat you have, especially belly blub. Hazelnuts contain other very important and healthy ingredients, like potassium, ample fiber, and folate. So, hazelnuts as snack? Good choice!

There are many discussions about eggs whether they are healthy, or whether they can help you gain weight. Forget about all the myths there are, and what a friend of your friend of their friend has said. One egg a day can give your body the amount of protein it needs. Eggs do not have many calories, and that includes the egg yolk that some people think it is fats booster. In fact, a recent research (we should thank those scientists again) has shown that eating eggs in the a.m. time of the day, makes you eat less throughout the rest of the day. You should probably think twice about scratching out eggs from your daily menu.

And here is an ample menu if you wonder how to combine these products:

Salmon with scrambled eggs and spinach garnish. You can add some spices and almost no cooking oil.

Cucumber sandwiches with boiled eggs. Of course, with no margarine, and with black bread.

Pickles or some cucumber salad with just some salt, or without, it is your choice.

Hazelnut-Crusted Salmon. You can absolutely combine hazelnuts with salmon, it is both healthy and delicious. For dessert you can have some strawberries to finish your day with something sweet.