Which Are The Most Creative Ways To Propose Marriage

best marriage proposal

Some people think that marriage is something outdated, but how will you explain the fact that some of the greatest memories in a couple’s life together are the wedding, the engagement and the marriage proposal.

In fact, the whole marriage will be nothing if these three moments were not celebrated in the way possible.

Every person has their own idea of what is interesting, beautiful, and memorable. And that is why there are a lot of interesting ways you can propose to someone or to get married.

Now we have collected for you the most creative ways to propose marriage, or receive such, or just to dream of the day this is going to happen.

Best marriage proposal ideas

Proposal № 1: Karaoke night

“I think I wanna marry you…” La, la, la…

This proposal suggestion is for those of you who are keen on karaokes. What better and at the same time fun way to propose than a karaoke night. Your partner will definitely have no clue what is going on in your mind.

You will be having an ordinary club night until the moment when you sing one of the songs in which the lyrics say “Do you want to marry me?” or something else which is like a proposal. Then, as previously consulted with the manager of the club, you can write your question on the screen walls at the club, or just go to your future spouse and just ask them the question yourself.marriage proposal under the stars

Proposal № 2: Movie trailer

All can make such a proposal, and if you are better at technologies and video making, it will be even easier for you. But even the simplest video maker program can do the job. Just choose some of your pictures, if you have videos together, it would be even better.

You can put some quotes there, your favorite song, some things that only the two of you know.

Then, as previously arranged with some of the local theaters, arrange to play it when you go to see a movie. It is needless to say that none of you will be able to watch the movie or to pay attention to it, but for sure you will not forget it. This is so romantic that all the girls in the theater hall will want to be in your shoes.

Proposal № 3: Book proposal

This proposal is for those of you whose partner is a bookworm. One way to do it, is to hide the ring between the sheets of a book your partner is dying to read. Once they open the book, they will find the ring, and that’s it.

But there is another more creative way you can propose to a person who likes reading books – make a book about your relationship. It does not have to be very long, on the contrary, if your partner reads it at the moment you give it to them, you can write at the last page of the book your proposal, or you can leave some blank pages to show that you and your future spouse will have a long marriage. This could not be a loud and wild proposal, but for sure it will leave a great impression with your partner.

Proposal № 4: Treasure hunt

Are you and your partner fans of the treasure quest movies? Or did you love to play pirates as a kid, to hide some “treasure” in the garden and draw a map for your fellow pirates to find?

Well, if you did, then why not do the same thing with your proposal. Put small pieces of paper all over your town to give directions where your partner to find the “treasure”. Start with a clue from your home and if you want, you can add other small presents, until the last BIG one is given. This will definitely be one of the greatest experiences in your partner’s life, and you can be sure that there is no way somebody rejects such a proposal.

Proposal № 5: Aquarium proposal

If your partner is a fan of the life in the ocean, then you can use this as your inspiration for the proposal. When you are visiting some of the fish tanks around the world, you can ask some of the divers to hold big banners with the words from “will you marry me” when you are there.

Of course, do not forget to put there the name of your partner as well, because many other ladies who are waiting for a marriage proposal will be heartbroken when they realize the proposal was not for them. You can also do another thing, go with your future spouse diving and propose in the same way with big cards. Just be careful not to leave them breathless, literally.