Top beauty trends that survived through the years

Beauty through time

You know that every season fashion changes, there are new trends that come and go as fast as the wind.

However, there are some trends that were invented centuries ago, in times when there was no internet and electricity, and are very popular nowadays. The main reason for this is that beauty cannot be mistaken, and if something makes a woman even more beautiful then it should be here to stay.

And now, enough with the torture, here are these trends that will be a part of fashion for many years in the future.


One of the women famous for wearing eyeliner is Cleopatra, the Ancient Egyptian queen. In those times, 10,000 BCE, eyeliner were not only popular among women, but among men as well.

This, of course, it did not mean that men were that gentle. There was one flaw with eyeliners at that time, they contained lead, and were bad for the skin. With time the formula of the eyeliner improved and now when you put it on, it does not smear, it could stay all day long, as if you have just applied it on your eyelids.Beauty secrets in the past


Put lipstick on the right wayYou probably remember when you were young how you loved to put makeup on the faces of the beautiful girls in your coloring books. And the best part was the lipstick. It just somehow comes naturally to people to color their lips. And we can be sure about this by the fact that lipstick was another makeup product which roots are found in Ancient Egypt.

Later, in 16th Century England, the lipstick became popular among actors, when they were playing a woman’s part. Giving color to the lips, makes them lusher and sexier, it gives a person more healthier appearance.


The last of the makeup trends that were known for many years is blush. It again creates a more healthier look to one’s face. Putting blush or “rouge” on one’s cheeks comes from the Ancient Greeks who used natural ingredients for this purpose. They smeared some red fruits like berries on their cheekbones.

The very name “rouge” means “red” from French, now some people prefer to contour their cheeks rather than put blush, but no matter what the color is, putting blush is still a top makeup technique.

Flower Crowns

This is one of the sweetest accessories. People prefer wearing it in the Spring or in the Summer because it is fresh, it gives you positive energy and you just better. If you are one of those people who like to be in the spotlight, then you will be glad to know that wearing flower crowns definitely attracts attention.

In the past, people used real flowers, as Alice from “Alice in Wonderland” who made a daisy chain. Now people prefer silk flower crowns, but sometimes if they are fresh flowers in your garden, it would be nice to make one yourself.


Scarves are one of the best accessories there are because they are both practical and chic. When children are told they need to wear scarves, they think it is annoying and it gets in their way when they are playing. When they grow up, they realize there is more to the scarves than they had expected.

Scarves are worn not only around the neck and to cover your shoulders.

Again in Ancient times queen Nefertiti wore a scarf on her head. People nowadays can put them everywhere, including around the waistline and tied to a shoulder bag as an accessory. And how do you wear your scarf?


Beautiful curly hairThere are a lot of ways people can curl their hair. An interesting fact is that they used to do it in the past when there were no electricity.

In Ancient Greece, curly hair was considered the ultimate beauty trend, we can find a proof for this by looking at the ancient Grecian statues. Even wavy hair was very much praised.

Later in time you can track the history of the curly hair, there are some periods when the curls are smaller, other times are bigger, some people prefer curly long hair, while others do not have problem with short curly hair, which was popular in the 1920s.

Whatever curls you try, with whatever technique, curly hair won’t ever disappoint you, and you will be always fashionable.