Which Greek Goddess Are You?

Which goddess are you?

Women are special creatures. Many people claim that they are on this planet with a purpose. And how not to believe this when you see how many things a woman can do: women are mothers, daughters, sisters, they work, they protect their home and take care of it, in other words, they can do everything.

A woman’s personality is so various that there is no way for men to understand women, no matter what they do. In Greek mythology, every goddess is a symbol of a particular female trait. In every woman lives one of the Greek goddesses, and maybe more. Here are the goddesses and their superpowers.

Which one of them lives in you?

Hera – the married woman

The most important things for this woman are marriage and family. She is a very reasonable and delicate woman and would not hurt intentionally other people unless they threaten her family.

Then she turns into their worst enemy. If you are dating such a woman, be careful not to cheat on her, because this is the worst thing you can do to her. And if this happens, she will pour out her wrath on you. As for her personal style, she loves to wear long dresses in darker colors and she wears her hair in a bun or in a high ponytail.

Athena – the career woman

Athena is the representation of women who want to do everything by themselves. These women are very intelligent and wise, and exactly these traits of hers are the ones that help her climb the business ladder. You will feel that they will never get tired, they can work for hours and still will not want to go to bed late at night, because they will have “something important to finish”.

These women should wear purple, because this is the color of success. They will look very professional at it and it will make them shine.

Artemis – the feminist

This is the woman that will never grow old. She is beautiful and smart and she will never let any man rule over her. She prefers to be free and not to be “locked” inside the family home.

She often uses men as her pawns, who are so fascinated by her beauty and charm, that are easily tricked, and fall into her trap. She is capable to do anything when it comes to her career.

She can become your worst enemy if you tell her that she should forget about her freedom and follow the old traditional values, like getting married and giving birth to children.

These women are usually short and love bright colors, like gold and silver.

Aphrodite – the seductress

No matter how old they are, they can make any man fall in love with them. This does not mean that they rely only on their natural beauty, no, they like to put makeup on and to dress in a way that will accentuate their fabulous body.

These women immediately can feel what would appeal to the man they are talking, and thus they turn into their ideal woman. Be careful with them, because they have a collection of broken hearts. And of course, if you manage to capture their attention, they will award you with great memories.

As you can guess, their favorite flowers are roses, and the colors that will look great on them are red, pink and green.

Hecate – the funny sweetheart

This is the most radiant and positive out of all the other women. They are always smiling even if they have problems.

They look always from the bright side of the situation. These women have a great sense of humor, and if you do not pick any of their positivism, then something is wrong with you. They make great friends and that is why they have a lot of people around them that want to be their friends. When they enter a room they light it up.

You can listen to what they are saying for hours and you will still not get tired.

Unfortunately, a lot of people take advantage of their kindness, especially men, so they are left with broken hearts.

Hestia – the housewife

These women are not wrapped up in thoughts where they husbands are, as long as they are at home and are taking care of it.

One of the most important things for her is her house to be absolutely spotless. She will cook breakfast, lunch and supper and will set the table on time, not a minute too early and not a minute too late.

She is a very relaxed and calm person, and the one thing that will take her out of control is when people do not appreciate her work and efforts.