Which Jewelry Pieces Look Cheap?


Jewelry is the perfect way to make a basic outfit look fancy and original. However, the wrong choice of pieces might actually play a bad role in your overall look. Most of us cannot afford very expensive jewelry which would make us stand out or look sophisticated, but we can still find great items in high-street stores at affordable prices. However, how to pick the ones that do not look cheap? Here is some advice on the topic:

  • First of all, avoid wearing jewelry that somewhat remind you of your childhood: charm bracelets, too many colors, animal pendants and plastic jewelry are all very cool, but in order to look elegant, skip buying them. There are very few exceptions on when to wear them: maybe a festival or the beach party, but in your everyday life stick to cleaner or more classic pieces.
  • Secondly, do not buy fake gem stone earrings or necklaces since they all look fake! Especially when they are multi-colored. If you really think a piece like that can contribute to your look, go for a monochrome choice, a silver or grey one is best. Semi-precious or non-precious stones are not expensive, and are the far more beautiful option compared to plastic ones!
  • Also, be careful with the amount of beads you go for – in this case, less is more. There are plenty of very cute items that have beads on them, but maybe the cleaner versions would look better on you (except if you are going for a very strong boho or gypsy style!).The ones that are simply beads on a string may look old or..cheap! Small or medium-sized are far better than bigger ones since they wear off more slowly.
  • Furthermore, sloppy enamel work on your jewelry will not win you points on your appearance. When you are in the store, pay attention to the little details. The enamel has to be clean and flow smoothly in order to look good.
  • As you might know, heavy metals look more expensive than light ones. Thus, go for pieces that are good imitations of the original in their weight and material: you may think that poorly made clasps, for instance, are not easily noticed, but in fact a loose bracelet looks really bad.
  • The next tip is hard to actually notice when you are still in the store, but stay away from jewelry that makes your skin green! Usually,these are pieces which resemble dark metals like copper or nickle. If you want to prevent them from staining parts of your body, apply some clear nail polish on the places where they touch your skin. Works like a charm!
  • Last but not least, we will mention the very popular, big, chunky statement necklaces. Newsflash: they do not always make your outfit stand out in the positive way! Yes, jewelry can help a minimalist or simple look become  more fashionable, but these big colorful necklaces are the wrong choice for two reasons: everyone wears them, so you will blend in rather than stand out, and there are thousands of their variations which are bad quality, look cheap and are just a little too much. Simply go for a couple of simple pendants or a choker and you will be better off.