Why The Left Side of Our Face is More Attractive Than the Right Side?

Which side of the face is more attractive?

Have you ever thought about which side of your face is better looking?

If you haven’t, you have probably heard a lot of celebrities telling photographers to take pictures only of their left profile. It turns out that they had a point and were not just imagining stuff.

Which side of the face is more attractive?

A recent research shows that this fact is true for 90% of all the people. According to the scholars, people express their emotions mainly through their face and the left side of our face can express them more precisely and intensely. And who would have thought that emotions make us more attractive than we actually are.

Left side of the face is more attractive!

The scholars conducting the study asked a number of volunteers to look at some photos of people and say which ones are more attractive.

The photos, however, were no ordinary photos. The people in the photos showed either their left side, or their right one. The scholars found that when people looked at the photos with left sides their pupils increased in size, which means that they found them more attractive because gazing at pleasant or interesting images causes an increase in the pupil size, while gazing at unpleasant images makes the pupil shrink.

what side of your face is more attractive

The scientific explanation of this fact is that our left face side is controlled by our right hemisphere which is responsible for our creativity. Another version is that this is so because of the fetus’s growth.

You can also check if you like your left side better. Just stand in front of a mirror and examine both of your sides. When you look at your left side, hide the right one with something, and the other way around.

And if you want to look best at pictures, turn slightly to the right, so that your left side is towards the camera. Try this and you might be surprised how well it works.left side of your face is more attractive

An interesting fact is that even Mona Lisa shows her left side. Wonder if Leonardo da Vinci had painted her right side, the picture would have the same success.