You want fresh breath all the time? Here is how to get it!


Drink a lot of water

The advised amount of water that you should drink a day is 48 ounces. Water lubricates your mouth and hydrates your whole body. So why not keep a track of how much you drink, so that you don’t forget to get your daily ‘dose’. Sodas, sport drinks and bottled teas have to much sugars and acids in them. They don’t help remaining your breath smelling fresh and they are not healthy. Water should be your main drink!

Brush and floss

The daily brush of your teeth shouldn’t be in question. But you shouldn’t also miss a floss. It keeps your teeth as clean as possible and because of that freshens your mouth and breath. If you don’t floss on a regular basis there will be food stuck in between your teeth and it will feed and keep the bacteria in your mouth.

Clean your tongue

Bacteria doesn’t only get stuck in between your teeth. Bacteria gets stuck on your tongue. It is one of the main reasons for bad breath. Buy a tongue scraper or just brush your tongue, but never skip this step. It is not that much of an effort, but it does justice!

Get a mouth wash!

Getting an alcohol free mouth wash that contains zinc compound. The trick about mouth wash is tat it kills as much bacteria as possible. Freshens the breath. Don’t forget though that it should be alcohol free, because alcohol dries out your mouth and saliva. You can also DIY a mouth wash – mix 1tbsp baking soda, 1 cup warm water and a few drops of peppermint oil. As easy as that, and also – cheap!

Flavored lip gloss

Through the day we don’t really have time to brush, floss and mouth wash. So a thing that can kind of mask a smelling breath (for example after eating) is the flavored lip gloss. Of course it won’t work if you have eaten garlic, but surely at least a bit. So go get your favorite flavor!

Call your dentist

Another reason for a smelly breath can be the cavities. If you go regularly to your dentist your probably won’t get any or if you do they will be fixed in time. Also dentist appointments shouldn’t be missed because you probably don’t want plaque stuck to your teeth! No matter the paste you use at least once a year you should go get your teeth cleaned from the  awful plaque!

Green juice

Forget about the liters of coffee you drink a day. One should be more than enough! Think about balancing out with green juice. First of all it will help your total health. Secondly it contains low levels of acid (coffe has high and they cause bad breath).