10 Things that pop in a man’s head at the first 5 minutes of your date

First date secrets

Have you ever wondered what exactly a man is thinking when you meet at the first time?

I’m sure you did. According to a research about the first dates between men and women, here are the most common answers from the male half of the participants:

  • If you like the guy, you will talk to him in a high voice. And if he is not so much into you, he will most probably think something like that: “What is wrong with her voice?” But if he likes you, he wouldn’t notice even if you talk like Dolly Parton.
  • If you smile, he will notice and he will start to come to some conclusions, like: she likes me, she likes me, she likes me, etc. If you don’t like him, be careful with the smiles and the laughs, especially when he tell you a stupid joke, if you laugh at that joke, he will decide that you are in love with him.
  • He will notice your outfit. There are two options, either he will be happy with your outfit, or he will feel uncomfortable, it all depends on the first impression – if he likes you, he will think that you look adorable even if you wear a garbage bag.
  • If you have a good sense of humor, you have to use it, because this is one of the first things that a man search for in a woman. And if you want him to like you, laugh at his jokes, he will appreciate it.
  • He will pay attention to you, which means that he will notice if you look at the TV at the bar or at your phone or anywhere but at him. Be careful with your looks, because you can demotivate him in your effort to play it hard-to-get.
  • He will wonder if you have noticed that he is checking on you. Believe it, even the sweetest guy will check your body and he will picture you in his bed, this is natural.
  • Be careful with the perfume too, because he will notice it. The best scents for first dates are: vanilla, white musk, roses, honeydew, amber, caramel, etc. Choose gentle perfume, otherwise he will wonder all the time about the perfume and why he can’t guess the ingredients.
  • He will notice your attitude to the other people. If you are too pretentious with your order at the restaurant, he will notice, but if you are nice to the person you ran into accidentally, he will notice too. Your attitude to the other people will reveal much about your character, more than you wish for.
  • Another thing that is highly important when you want to send the right signals is the way you touch him. If you place your hand gently on his arm or shoulder, this means that you like him, but if you poke him all the time, this will make him think that you see him as a buddy.
  • Don’t pay too much time on your makeup, because he simply doesn’t care as long as he can see your eyes and the true color of your lips. Bet on no-makeup makeup design for a first date.