Things Not to Do On a First Date


When you go out on a first date there are unwritten rules they you should obey. If you do not know them because of your lack of experience, for example. And then you start wondering why it went so badly. If you ask for an advice, most people, or the internet, will tell you what to wear, how to look and most importantly that you should be yourself. This, of course, is true, but should remember that there are also things that it is better not to do on a first date if you want to have a second one. Here are the top things you must avoid doing on a first date no matter whether you are a man or a woman.

Do not show up late on purpose

Women tend to be late for a date on purpose, because they think have this “right”. However, if you are one of these girls you’d better stop doing it. On the other hand, there are some people, both women and men, that are afraid of arriving first on a date because they do not want to wait on their own, or because they do not want their date not to show up, and to have to relive the embarrassment in front of the staff in the restaurant. So, this is why people prefer to show up late. However, this does not make a very good impression. As the French said “l’exactitude est la politesse des rois”. So, if you show up on time you will definitely make a very good impression.

Be careful what you are wearing

To make a good impression when you are on a first date, you should be very thoughtful how to dress. You should not wear clothes that are too short or too tight but at the same time you do not want to look like you are going on a job interview. You should be sexy but not sleazy. The first date is definitely not the right time to show a lot of skin. It does not matter whether you like your bust, or your legs, on a first date you should be more conservative. Imagine that your date decides that he want to take you for a walk after the dinner, do you think that those high heels you planned to wear will help you survive the walk? You could wear a pair of jeans with an interesting belt and a white elegant shirt, if you want to be more casual.

Do not act like you are glued to your phone

It is very fashionable nowadays to go out with friends or with your boyfriend/girlfriend and to constantly look at your phone because you are chatting with someone you see every day. From time to time people should leave their phones in their home when they go out and to be able just to pay attention to the ones they have gone out with. You will make such a bad impression if you are constantly looking at your phone during a first date. You will leave the impression that you are bored or not interested in the person sitting in front of you. Some people tend to look at their phones because they are worried or too shy, but the other person will take it as a hint that you do not want to have anything with him, and he will just not call you for a second date.

Do not get drunk

When you are on a night out with your best friends there is nothing wrong with having a few drinks to loosen up. There is nothing wrong with even getting wasted if you know that you have good friends that could take care of you. But when you are on a first date and to get drunk, this certainly will leave some bitter taste in your date. Men do not like women to act like them, for example to swear, or to drink a lot of liquor. The worst case scenario will be if your date has to carry you back to your home, and for sure he would not want to have sex with you. So, stay on the safe side and do not have more than two drinks.

Do not give him too much information

On a first date you should definitely keep some of your personal information to yourself. This goes for the questions you would like to ask him as well. He for sure would not like to know your entire family history, or where you want to live after you get married and how many children you want to have. You will pretty much scare him if you share such an information at such an early stage. So, it will be better if you just save these things for a later stage in your relationship.