5 Birthday Freebies


If by any chance you are not home on your birthday, do not sulk in the corner because you are not with your family or friends. Just imagine how different and interesting can be this day. You probably won’t experience such thing on your special day ever again. And since it is your birthday you should treat yourself with what you deserve – in other words try some cost-free entertaining things just for being born. And do not think that you only deserve a free cup of coffee in the restaurant. Here are 5 cost-free attractions we have prepared for you.

Free ferry ride from Canada
If on your birthday you happen to be in Victoria, Canada, you can take the free two-way ferry ride to US. The view is magnificent. The scenic route from Victoria to Port Angeles will be a present for your soul. And besides, your ticket will last for two more days. So, make it count.

Free entertainment in Tokyo, Japan
There are at least two freebies you can try on your birthday in Tokyo. The first is a visit to the famous Tokyo Tower. This is the second tallest building in Japan. At the Cafe La Tour you will get a free piece of cake because it is your birthday, of course.
The second present you will receive is a free entrance in the amusement park Tokyo Joypolis. There are a lot of rides you can try like a dozen of roller coasters. You will even get a free ice cream. How sweet is that!

Free ski-lift ride to Table Mountain, Capetown, Africa
If on your birthday you are in Capetown, Africa, you are lucky. You can go up to the top of the mountain without spending a single penny. And this is not the best part, the best part is that you will be a front row viewer of the dazzling view that opens up in front of you – you can see the whole city and even the coastline.

Free ride to the Donauturm, Vienna, Austria
This is the tallest building in Austria. If you book a table in the restaurant at the top, you will not only get a free glass of champagne but you will get also a “sweet surprise”. Oh, I wonder what it could be!

Free ride to Catalina Island, California, USA
It is not that cheap to take a ferry ride to Catalina Island. That is, if it is not your birthday. On that special day of yours, Catalina Express, a passenger ferry services, will make you a great present, it gives you a free two-way ticket to the island. What better way to treat yourself than a day for a walk on the island or scuba diving.