7 Places Where You Will Lose Track of Time

zagreb croatia fountain

Traveling is something that every most people like to do when they are tired of their everyday lives or just want to relax and be in the company of their loved ones. If you really want an escape from everything that happens in your life at the moment and to find a place that you would not want to leave, then look at these 7 destinations which will blow your mind.

1 San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

If you are a fan of the beautiful and virgin mountain, nature then you will fall in love with Pedro de Atacama. When you are there you will feel like the time has stopped and the new technologies still have not reached this place. But do not think that you will get bored, there is still a lot to do. You can have a walk near the endless salt pans or slide down the huge sand dunes which will make you feel like a child. Whatever you do there is sure that you not miss to watch the sunset over the Andes and how the mountain tops are covered with golden light which makes them look like heaven.

2 San Sebastian, Spain

This is the place where all the gourmands will fall in love with, especially if they are also into warm weather and beautiful beaches. San Sebastian is famous for its exquisite cuisine and this is exactly why it gathers so many tourists around the world. In combination with its different kinds of wines for connoisseurs, you would not want to leave the place. While you are there, do not miss to check out the gorgeous beaches, San Sebastian, especially if you go there in the summer.

3 Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Songs have been sung and movies have been filmed about Bali that there would be hardly anyone who would not know it. It is not only about its wonderful nature that it is famous for, but also its mysticism, there is something spiritual about this place that you will not fail to notice. When there, do not miss having a chat with some of the friendly locals, you will see that the smile does not come off of their faces. Also, do not miss to go to a spa, Bali style, or have a walk in some of the lovely gardens where monkeys are some of their constant inhabitants.

4 Antigua, Guatemala

Guatemala could be a small country, but it has a rich history. Antigua can offer you a lot: gorgeous beaches and nature, hospitality, interesting ancient rituals and rich history, which you could experience in some of the local art galleries or museums. Learn about the country’s colonial past and brush up your Spanish language skills, or just start from the scratch, after all, what better place for learning a language than a country where it is an official language. Have a walk along the cute, narrow streets with a lot of colors and music and you will never think about going home.

5 Luang Prabang, Laos

Situated in Southeast Asia, Laos is another very spiritual place. You can take a tour around the temples where you will meat the famous Asian architecture and religion combined. Another thing you should not miss is the famous night market in Luang Prabang where you can bargain for some of the goods you want to buy, or just have a walk there, it will be something you have never experienced before, like buying goods from laid-back shoppers. Have a walk in the Asian forest where you will lose track of time and space.

6 Queenstown, New Zealand

If the other places we have offered you are more relaxed and give you the opportunity to take it easy, with Queenstown the situation is the complete opposite. Here you will find the craziest and party person inside of you who enjoys spending time in an amusement park, because this is what you will find here- a playground for both adults and children. You can ride a jet at a high speed, or go parachuting if you are not afraid of heights or jumping from midair. Finish your day in a local bar and just relax admiring the spectacular view. And who would want to leave such a place?!

7 Zagreb, Croatia

When people think about Europe, they mostly think about Western Europe, which is thought to be more beautiful with much more to see. And Eastern Europe has just been neglected from tourists. However, there you can find so interesting and beautiful things that in the end you would not want to leave. In Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, you can experience its history just walking on the streets. You can also see the Adriatic Sea or you could just hop on a boat with an ancient design that will make you feel like a time traveler.