7 Tips for How to Find Cheap Flights


When you go on a holiday you need a perfect organization so that later on you can just relax and enjoy your time. One of these organizational undertakings is booking a flight. You probably think that this is an easy job, but when it comes to money it is not so much. What flights to book? In what time of the year? What days to fly? These are some of the questions you now will learn the answers.

Tip № 1 Start searching as early as possible

You probably knew this, but do you actually apply this rule? Airlines usually release tickets 11 months in advance and as early you buy them as cheaper they will be. Start the ticket search as early as you know about the time of your trip.

Tip № 2 When to buy tickets?

If it is during the holidays, it will be hard to find a cheap ticket. Sometimes it is even an adventure to find one. If you want cheap tickets, organize your trip/ holiday in that time of the year when not many people travel. A research shows that the optimal time to buy the tickets is seven weeks in advance.

Tip № 3 What is the best day to fly?

The best days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. During these three days there are less passengers and you have the chance to be seated in a good row. On the other hand, avoid travelling on Friday and Sunday because they are usually the most expensive days to fly.

Tip № 4 Use your Student Status

Students under the age of 26 can buy a ticket with a discount using special cards with some airlines. One of the perks of being a student.

Tip № 5 Sign up for email notifications

If you do not have the time to check the airline websites, there is a chance you miss a great offer. You can thus sign to receive an email with the special ones. I know it is sometimes irritating when you do not need to buy tickets, but it will come in handy later on.

Tip № 6 Round Trip Tickets

This is super strange but it is actually true. If you are only flying one way you may consider buying a round trip ticket because sometimes they are cheaper.

Tip № 7 Be flexible with your dates

Sometimes you just know the days of your trip and there is not even a thought about changing them. But if you can be more flexible, do it. If you want to buy a ticket for exact dates, it will be harder to get a cheaper ticket.