8 Bra Myths That You Must Stop Believing Now

bra myths

Fashion created a lot of different kinds of clothes in the past that not only helped women look better but also feel comfortable as well. Bras, for example, were such an invention.

They have quite a long history before they reach the design they have today. One of the first type of clothes invented to hold the bobbies in their places was the corset. There are still corsets today, of course, but they look better and feel more comfortable on very thin women.

The bra, as we know it today, was invented in November, 1914. This was the day when Mary Phelps Jacobs was granted a patent for a garment she called “brassiere”. Later the word is called “bra” for more convenient reasons.

In the past, there were a lot of taboos about bras and breasts since women were ashamed to talk about so intimate subjects. Nowadays, as hard as it is to believe, there are still a lot of women that feel ashamed to talk about their bras or breasts. This unfortunately leads to the creation of a lot of myths about bras. Here is a list of the most popular bra myths and why you should stop believing in them right away.

Bra Myths

  1. Sleeping with a bra can make your breasts tighter and perky

Many women think that if you do not give your breasts any rest and keep them “locked up” in their bra all the time, their breasts will look tighter and perkier. However, this is a myth.

Your breasts do actually need to have some rest and the best time to do it is at night. Do not think that you can fight gravity and that you can escape from it. The truth is, your breasts won’t become any different, even if you sleep with a bra.

  1. A light colored bra is less visible

Many women think that the lighter their bra is, the less visible, it would be, so they choose to wear white bras all the time. However, as you probably already know, this is a total myth. Especially if you wear a black dress or any other black top. White will stand out like a sore thumb. White bras stand out even when we are wearing white tops.

You can do an experiment and try it yourself. If you want a bra that is invisible under your white top, then choose one in a nude color. It will blend with your skin color and won’t be so obvious.

  1. Sleeping on one side will cause uneven breasts

A lot of women naturally have one of their breasts bigger than the other, but this does not mean that this is the result of sleeping on one side which caused the smaller breast to shrink or better yet not to grow up.

However, this is complete nonsense. This is natural. It is like having a bit different ears or eyes.

  1. Wear training bras if you want to have bigger boobs

Training bras, as their name suggests, are used for training. But they are made entirely for women’s comfort, their material and design have to do just with comfort and flexibility during a workout.

And it has nothing to do with the size of the breasts.

  1. Wearing bra while sleeping causes breast cancer

This myth, as well as the other one connected with sleeping with a bra, is considered by many women a truth, so they avoid it at any level.

However, if you feel more comfortable sleeping with a bra than without it, there is no need to try to change your habits just because of a rumor. There is no evidence that this is true, even a number of mammalogy doctors are not against it, so you can breath a sigh of relief.

  1. It is OK to machine wash your bras

Well, this is not completely wrong but you have to be very much careful. The washing has to be gentle because the spin of the washing machine can otherwise harm the fabric and the underwires can come out at one point and actually can make the bra not wearable. how to choose the right bra size

So, it is better to hand-wash your bras.

  1. Your bra band size is not important

As you know, when you go bra-shopping you should look for 2 main things, except for finding a bra with the perfect design for you. Those things are connected with fitting.(you can check How to choose the right bra? for more information)

The length of the size of the bra band should fit your chest and bra cups should fit your breasts. Many women think, however, that bra band sizes are not important. Actually, it is the opposite. Bra bands are the ones that keep your breasts in their place and make you feel comfortable.

So, look for a bra which bra bands do not go up your chest when you put them on.

  1. Bras have fixed sizes

This is not true, especially when we talk about different brands, or even brands that come from different countries. As you probably know, sizes in Asia, USA and Europe are different because women from different countries have different figures, and what may be considered big in one country, could actually be normal in another.

So, remember always to try bras on before you buy them.