8 Things to do in The USA Before You Die


When you are in the USA there are so many things to do and so many places to see that we start to wonder whether a whole lifetime is enough to see all of it. As with every other thing in the world, you should decide which are your priorities. In other words, out of all the fun, interesting and great things you could do in the USA, choose the ones that you like better. What are you most interested in – the political, the cultural, the sports history of USA and explore it. Here is a list of the all the things you should do in the USA before you die and choose wisely.

1 Go bungee jumping from the Royal Gorge Bridge

This extreme sport is for those of you who are not scared of heights and who have always wanted to feel their adrenaline rush. Why is this place so special and from all the bridges in the USA where you can bungee jump you should pick this one? Because this is the highest bridge in the world, not only in the USA but in the WORLD, where you can legally jump from a bridge. With all the spectacular scenery around you, your experience will be to die for.

2 Go to the Super Bowl

It does not matter whether you are the biggest fan of football or not, you just have to go and see the Super Bowl. This is probably the biggest sporting event in the USA. Another thing which may appeal to you is that everybody who is anybody will be there, all the celebrities gathered in one place, how cool is that? Experience all the colors and festivity that happen every year at the Metlife Stadium in NJ.

3 Ride a Cable Car in San Francisco

For all of you who have left their hearts in San Francisco, the idea of riding cable cars would appeal very much. Going to San Francisco and not riding a cable car is like going to Rome and not have a chance to see the Pope. In other words, it should be definitely on your check list. This famous ground transportation is one of the trademarks of San Francisco and it has been shown in every movie, or every music video about the city.

4 Pay a visit to the Redwood national park

For all the nature protectors or better yet the tree-lovers, this is one the best places to see. Redwood national park is situated along the coast of Northern California. This park will give you the opportunity to see one of the most famous trees which pictures, travel around the world, as part of the most famous wallpapers. In this park you can find trees the size of skyscrapers and if you are not scared of falling, of insignificant watching at them, then this is the right place for you.


5 Try the iconic Buffalo wings in Buffalo

As in every other culture and every other country in the world, the USA has its own significant dishes that every tourist or a citizen should try. One of these is the famous Buffalo wing you can find in Buffalo, of course. Even though nowadays the famous Buffalo wings are served all over the world, there is no better place in the world you can find them, then the birthplace of this iconic dish.

6 Visit Mount Rushmore

All the people around the world know about one of the most iconic places in the USA – Mount Rushmore. You have probably heard a lot about it, so why not this year you are one of the two million tourists who pay a visit to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Before your eye will appear one of the most astonishing views – four of the most famous American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

7 Try the Polar bear plunge

If you are not afraid of the cold weather and especially the cold winter waters, then this experience is for you. These events are held all over the USA in the middle of the winter every year with the idea that not only people should have fun, but that they should also think about other people who do not have the same opportunity, so millions of dollars are raised for charity. So, if you want to try this freezing experience and raise some money for charity, this is for you.

8 Go in Napa Valley and make your own wine

There are millions of wineries in the world where you can taste some of the best and most sophisticated wines there are. But how about you’d be the expert and taste your own wine? The winery in Napa Valley gives you that opportunity. Make your own wine and bottle it with your name on it. The best part is that you had the opportunity to press the grape with your own feet just like the people in the past used to do it and you will not regret it.