Adorable & Funny Nail Art


Here is a business idea: start a home beauty salon and you will be a boss of your own. You will work as a manicurist. The great thing about that is the fact that there is no need of investment in classes about getting a degree for a manicurist. You can learn all about nails and decorations from books, blogs and … Pinterest. You will need basic drawing skills, a lot of motivations and patience until everything work out. And the best advertisement for your work is the positive opinion of the girls who walk around the city with nail art, which was made by you, and when someone ask a girl with your nail art “OMG! This is amazing, can I go to your manicurist?”, that’s the moment when you must be absolutely proud of yourself.

The basic rules are:

  • Learn how to file the nails.

  • Use high-quality hand and nail cosmetics and nail polishes.

  • Use the proper tools for drawing, don’t struggle with the drawing brush. Discover the benefits and the properties of the dotting tool.

  • Learn how to treat the cuticles and other issues around and on the nail bed.

  • Make a gallery of your creations and spread it in social media.

  • At first train your skills on your friends for free, but after a while, start to tax them for the procedure or at least for the materials you use on them.

Here is one idea for the great use of a dotting tool – make a penguin:

First of all, file the nails into an oval shape.

Then apply a primer – a base coat of transparent nail polish, which will protect the nails from yellowing. Wait for the base coat to dry completely and move on to the next step.

Paint the nails with black nail polish and apply another layer if you are not satisfied with the coverage. Wait for the base color to dry out completely.

Then use the dotting tool to create the belly and the eyes of the penguin. Reapply if the white nail polish is transparent.

Smaller dots in the white dots to make the eyes more realistic and orange nail polish for the feet and the beak.

Seal the deal with a top coat. Enjoy!