An Updo With a Twist


Have you usually wondered what to do with your hair? Sometimes some extravaganza won’t hurt you. Actually, it might be way more fun than you have ever imagined.

Some occasions can let you experiment with both your hair and makeup. And some looks give you the option to treat yourself wonderfully. At the end of the day our hair and makeup could be more than enough to accessorize. And I am sure that many people will look at you impressed if you just experiment a little.

Here is an idea what to do with your in order for it to be your best asset and coolest accessory.

  1. First of all to make this interesting hair style you must add some texture to your hair. And only teasing won’t work. Curls won’t work either, because they will make the hair too big and it will be hard to work with it.
  2. You need a texture iron. The shape that it creates could be different, but the size of the pattern should be as small as possible. This way your hair won’t be overwhelming.
  3. So go with the texture iron over your whole hair lock by lock. From the roots to the end.
  4. After you are done with that put your hair into a high ponytail. Make it slightly to one side. Whichever you prefer. We put it on the left (looking in the mirror)
  5. Done with the ponytail?
  6. Grab your hair and pull it up to the ceiling. Pull it to the opposite side of the one you have put your ponytail on. If needed, use your brush to help yourself. *If your hair is longer you can twist it.
  7. Then use some bobby pins to secure your hair right there on the top front part of your head. Be sure to hide the pins underneath the hair.
  8. You can put your hair in such a way, that its ends are on your forehead (kind of like a bangle).
  9. Use some hair spray to secure all that on top. And you are ready to go.