Are You Shopping The Wrong Way?

Shopping habits

We women tend to shop all the time. It is kind of our therapy.

But how can we not be around those beautiful clothes and accessories. Although we often come home with full shopping bags, we always have nothing to wear, no shoes to put on and no accessories.

The truth is that our wardrobes are full, but we don’t really know how or what to shop and that is what happens – a mess. Nothing to wear or at least nothing we like.

It turns out that there is a wrong and a right way to shop. Many women don’t know that. And a young, self-loving and fashionable woman can not shop in the wrong way. You must know what you are in for in order to build the perfect wardrobe and enjoy it.

  • Are you shopping at way too many places?

    When we shop, we have the tendency to be all over the place. At least from time to time. And I get it. We want to maximize the wardrobe. But actually that takes away the focus from our style and it all becomes one huge mess.

    Stylish people have a few brands, boutiques or even vintage stores they occasionally attend. They don’t go to a mall and just go in every single shop. Although this sounds boring, believe me it is not. This gives you the opportunity to have a clear and clean style. Also a brand or a few, that are similar, have collections that are cohesive and can be easily worn together.

    No one is saying that you should pick 3 brands and only buy from them. But probably if the majority of your clothing is cohesive it will be easier to mix and match. And than you can just add some additional fun pieces and accessories to make it work.

  • Are you splurging on the wrong things?

    Sometimes a splurge is the best thing ever. Because let’s face it – there is a reason we call them splurges. And there is a reason why they are worth.

    People usually invest into basics and classics. And that is okay if that is all you wear. But if you tend to wear more than that and like extraordinary accessories and beautiful shoes, you probably should re-think what you are splurging on.

    A black mini skirt for 20$ and one for 200$ are hard to tell the difference between. But a 30$ knock-off bag, that will be ruined in 5 months and a bag that is the real deal and costs 1000$ and you will wear in the next 10 years is the thing you need. You just must pick what you invest in carefully.

  • Are you buying too many prints and colors that just can’t be put together?

    When building a good and fashionable wardrobe you should think about the fact that it all should be easy to be worn together. You are not buying for different people and different wardrobes.

    It is good to have picked out a few main colors you wear. I am usually into black, white and camel and from time to time I add the occasional grey. But wearing mainly those colors means that I can easily add prints or something. For example to any all black outfit I can add a red blazer or a yellow statement bag. Or whenever I want to wear a checkered jacket I can wear it because I have what to match it with.

    Of course when you pick your favorites it doesn’t have to be all blacks. You might be a person who looks best and feels best in pastels. So go for that. Or if you like white – buy mainly white and add some pieces to make it fun and stylish. It doesn’t matter what the season is or what is trend. If it looks good and feels good it is yours.

  • Are you tailoring only your expensive buys?

    Now let’s talk about some tailoring. You should find a tailor to work with. And it should be a good one. You must not wonder from tailor to tailor for every piece. Once you have one you work with he or she becomes to know your body and does your clothes perfectly.

    If you really like a piece of clothing but something in it doesn’t fit, what do you do? You probably leave it behind! But well, don’t! There are quite so many things in a garment that can be fixed. If it doesn’t fit on your boobs and it is larger – that can be fix. Long hem – that too! And many other things. Just always consult with a shopping assistant and your tailor.

    Another thing I would add is that no only the garment you have and cost hundreds of dollars should be tailored. Actually any piece you want and have but doesn’t fir perfectly must be tailored. That will make it perfect for you and it won’t look like a 40$ dress but like a thousand dollar dress.