Article About Curls

curly hair

Today I want to talk about curls. We will discuss different curls and how to achieve them, we will also talk about protection and tricks for better looking curly hair texture.

We will talk also about natural curly hair and how to handle it, believe me, I know the struggle of having curly hair. Here are my tips and recommendations, if you find them helpful, you can share this knowledge with your friends.

  • Always apply thermal protector to the hair before you treat it with heat. You know that the heat can damage the hair permanently and the strength and the health of the hair won’t be the same anymore if the hair is too damaged. So, the thermal protector is one way to prevent such a bad condition of the hair.
  • The other step is to forget about daily stylizing with heat. Don’t treat the hair with heat more than twice per week. And this is not enough, you have to choose a week in the month that must be called The-no-heat-week.
  • I’m calm that I reminded you about the protection of the hair and now we can start discussing the curls. If you want to have ribbon-like curls, wrap the strand in a flat way around the barrel of the curling iron.
  • But if you want tight curls, twist the strand.
  • You shouldn’t clip the end of the strand with the wand. Hold the end with fingers, but if you are new to this technique use a glove so you won’t burn yourself.
  • For curls that will last over the night, you have to curl the strand up to the roots; for all-day-long curls, wrap the strand a few inches below the roots and for slightly wavy hair, curl only the ends in a diagonal way.
  • If you curl too much hair at once it won’t last even an hour. The trick is to curl a small section of hair – 1 to 2 inches.

And for loose, beach waves, just pull the curl while it is still warm.