Black Frame Nail Art


The nail art is something that you should use as a flattering detail to your outfit. Today I will show you a nail art that is a little bit messy to create, but the results are stunning. Take a look:

  1. First of all, you have to file the nail into a perfect shape, because the edges of the nail will be covered in black which means that every little flaw will pop out immediately. So, take the file and spend a little bit more time  with the shaping of the nail  until you make them perfect. Choose the semi-oval shape. It is a little bit oval and a little bit square – rounder corners and flat tip.
  2. Then remove the cuticles. Soften them with cuticle oil and cut them with scissors. Then exfoliate the hands and the nails with a hand scrub. Moisturize the hand right after the exfoliating procedure.
  3. Then clean the nails with a cotton ball and a white apple vinegar. This simple cleansing procedure will remove any leftovers of the moisturizing and the exfoliating products. The nail polish must be applied to clean nails.
  4. Then apply a base coat to the nails. Wait for it to dry completely and paint the nails with a bright, pastel color, for instance a pale green one or pink, just choose any color you like, everything looks good with the black one.
  5. Wait for the colored base to dry out completely. While you wait, you can apply petroleum jelly to the skin around the nail. This will help you deal with the mess afterwards.
  6. Then paint the black frame of the nails – line only the edges of the nails and even out the frame into a perfect round shape.
  7. Clean the mess with a painting brush which is dipped in nail polish remover.