Blake Lively Inspiration For Hairstyle


Every ordinary person has at least one favorite extraordinary other person – a celebrity. It doesn’t matter if this fav-buddy is an actor, a politician, a singer, etc. Admit it, you have someone in mind right now.

For me, this is Blake Lively. She is an American actress, model and celebrity homemaker. I know her from the show Gossip Girl as Serena van der Woodsen, but I think that she became extremely famous when she married Ryan Reynolds. They are such a lovely couple, as far as I’m informed by the Magazines and the paparazzi picture.

Her last role was in the movie The age of Adaline, where she plays a woman who becomes immortal.

Today I want to talk about her style in the movie. Well, it is a little bit TOO general to talk about only one style because she goes through different periods of time, which are flattered by different fashion trends according to the specific period. I’ll narrow it down to her 60s style and even more specifically – her hairstyle with the colored bandana. And now, let’s see the tutorial together. Just follow the steps:

  • Start by teasing the top and the sides of the hair to create a volume. Separate the bangs area to stay off the voluminous area.

  • Pull back the teased area and tie it into a half ponytail.

  • Curl to the back the hair into loose waves. Curl the bangs too.

  • Finger brush the hair to merge the curls together and to give the hair a messy style.

  • Finish the look by flattering it with 60s style outfit and accessories.

These tips will help you get the 60s look of Blake Lively in her last movie.

Stick around for more great ideas and designs inspired by the celebrities’ world. Have fun!