Brace Yourself! The Spring Trends Are Coming


Soon  you will be refreshed from the heavy winter (at some places) and your head will be full of happy thoughts about shopping, but you have to be prepared with ideas for that shopping.

Don’t rely on the stores to give you the best trends. Inspire yourself with ideas right from the fashion runways. Let’s see what kind of trends will make us dream about clothes, accessories and shoes:

  • Pastel colors. Forget about the neon colors from the last summer, you will be wearing soft and romantic shades of the main colors – meet the pastel and pale shades in all kinds of items you own – accessories, clothes, makeup, shoes and so on.
  • You know that the denim shirts are an absolute hit, but this time you can wear the denim in all its shapes and designs – jumpsuits (mostly), jackets, skirts, even blazers. Trust the old, good denim.

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  • The mosaic is an alternative option for the situation when you want to put the accent on the clothing, not the accessories. The collections of Prada, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent Paris and Tommy Hilfiger emphasize exactly on the patch design.
  • Hippie craze. We will witness a huge wave of hippie designs from the 70s this Spring. Colorful and fairy clothes will enchant you to own at least one dress of the hippie style.
  • Khaki color. This green-brownish color brought us back a few years ago when the African style was trendy. It also reminds of military designs and styles.
  • We often consider the leather as Winter and Fall fabric, but this time you will meet the leather more often during the first half of the year – dresses, skirts, jackets and all.
  • It is soft and gentle material, you will find velvet clothes in the collections of Gucci and Fendi.
  • Navy blue. We can see that there is a military touch, inspiring the Spring fashion collections. The navy blue is an example of the military trend.
  • Orange and yellow. Sunny, energetic, happy and positive – these are the words that describe perfectly the orange and yellow colors.
  • The lace details of the clothes are romantic and perfect for the warm summer nights and gorgeous summer dates.
  • Scent from Asia. A lot of the designs in the clothes are inspired by the perfection of the Asian origami and kimono.
  • Black and white. It is classic and well known trend. You will never make a mistake with the black and white style.
  • As we expected, the floral prints and designs will be a trend this year, because we say the big success of this style the previous Spring and Summer. And what matches better  the warm water than the gorgeous and warm look of the flowers.
  • Sexy and rocky design which will suit every bad girl.
  • This trend will exist in our wardrobes as additions to the clothes, the embroidery will flatter the design of the clothes.