Bright Colors For Joyful Mood


Imagine this: snowy weather, free afternoon and warm and cozy couch – what to do? My first answer is “Book & Tea”, but why don’t you first make one great nail art and while you wait the nail decoration to dry out, you can read that book we mentioned before. Check out this idea for colorful nails which will match your jolly mood. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Prepare the nails. The preparation of the nails requires a file. You have to shape the nails by filing them. Choose the nail shape that suits you best, and of course, the one that you like most. My favorite nail shapes are the Square and the Oval. These shapes keep my nails strong and healthy.
  • When the shaping is done, wash your hands with soft soap to remove any oils and moisturizers off the nails. Once your hands are clean, apply a primer to the nails. The primer will protect your nails from getting yellowish from the dark nail polishes. You can use as a primer your top coat, or just a transparent nail polish.
  • When the primer is set and dry, apply the basic color. Let that layer dries out too. If you are not satisfied with the coverage, apply another layer and let it dry too.
  • Then use a string decorating tool from your decorating kit to apply colorful lines. If you don’t have such a tool you can use a dental floss.
  • Dip it into the nail polish and then transfer the color to the nails. Make the lines horizontal.
  • Clean up the mess with a brush dipped in acetone.
  • Cover the decoration with a top coat in order to make it last longer.
  • Now you can grab your book and read it while your nail art dries out completely. Enjoy your cozy afternoon.