Candy-Like Nail Art


I know that the candy colors are more appropriate for the summer, but honestly, I need a reminder of the summer. It’s too cold outside and I want the feeling of hot sand under my feet, and the warm breeze, bringing the fresh scent of the ocean, so, don’t judge me when I want to make my nail look like fresh summer.

I want to look at my hands and dream about the upcoming summer. And what is more sunny than a candy-like design, combined with bright happy colors.

Check out this bordered pink nail art, the combination between the white border and the baby pink color is absolutely adorable.

Take a look at the steps:

  • As you can guess, the first step is to file and shape the nails. This nail art will look better applied on short nails, because they will look like small sweet candies. Choose the oval nail shape, because of the same reason.
  • Then apply oil to the cuticles in order to soften them and push them back with a wooden stick.
  • Clean the nails with a white vinegar. That will remove any oils and dirt and will nourish the nails.
  • Then you can start with the actual painting of the nails with nail polishes. Start with a primer. Use a simple top coat or nail strengthener, the point is to have a protecting layer between the nail and the harsh properties of the colored nail polishes.
  • Once the layer of the primer is dry, you can apply the white nail polish. Cover the whole nail and if you are not satisfied with the coverage, apply another layer, but remember to wait for every single layer to dry out completely. Be precise with the edges, because they will be visible.
  • Then paint the pink nail polish, but don’t cover the whole nail. Leave a thin gap line so the white nail polish from underneath will be visible, that’s how you will create the white border. It will be easier than drawing it by yourself with a drawing brush.
  • The drawing brush will be needed to enhance the white border at the tips of the nails.
    Seal the deal with a top coat and your nail art is all done!