Christmas Vacation in the Alps


What better than to enjoy a well deserved rest after a hard working year, full of stress, tension and tiredness? Christmas is a holiday, it is important to be with your family, no matter where you are. The Alps are a destination which beauty enchants every tourist. Cozy hotels, snowy atmosphere, delicious and varied cuisine are the key factors for a truly relaxing holiday.

The Alps are a mountain range in Europe, extending from Austria and Slovenia in the east through Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany to France in the west. Relatively small province such as Tyrol, is a showcase of Austria. Its very name calls visitors with lovely, always snow-covered mountain ranges in the distance winding Alpine valleys, torrential rains and spectacular mountain glaciers, rising from the depths as brilliant, icy diamonds. In winter you will enjoy the deep tones, dazzling white fluffy snow; skiing and skating with toboggans stands alone, but eccentric winter carnivals with grotesquely masked actors will captivate you forever. If you come in the summer, you can enjoy an exceptional Alpine view with cool mountain lakes and forest walks. Throughout the year there are local residents with leather pants and wide-brimmed hats, singing Tyrolean songs and playing a zither, and of course, this specific sound of the bells of the cows.

The Alps area are great for international mountaineering, skiing and hiking. They are a popular destination in summer and winter, as a place for recreation and sport. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowshoe walks and ski tours are available in most areas of the mountain from December to April. Many mountain passes are closed in winter, but definitely worth it to experience the beauty of this inspiring mountain namely during the winter season. Development of tourism contributes to the large number of airports in the Alps and the good rail links with all neighboring countries.

One of the places worth visiting: Hohe Tauern National Park is located in the Austrian Alps and covers an area of 1800 square kilometers. This makes it the second largest national park in Europe. Within the park are the highest peaks of Austria, the largest glaciers, beautiful alpine meadows with flowers and picturesque waterfalls. National Park Hohe Tauern, known as a piece of paradise in the heart of the Alps, is the largest Austrian reserve. It was established in 1981 and is the first national park in Austria. Glacier Park covers an area of eighty square kilometers and climbing enthusiasts can enjoy climbing over three mountains. Within the park there are breathtaking beauties like lakes and rivers and unique wildlife. The park is attractive for tourists who seek adventure and also for people who want to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the nature of the Alps.

Last but not least, Mürren is considered the birthplace of competitions in skiing (beginner, look for other location); first slalom was organized here in 1924. Local competition “Arlberg-Kandahar” is now regarded as an unofficial world championship of Alpine countries. Nothing can compare to the challenging 14-mile downhill with wonderful views of Mount Shilthorn.

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