Clever Trick For Removing Stubborn Nail Polish


Some of our favorite nail polishes are really stubborn when the time for the removing comes. I’m talking about the glitter nail polishes, they are the hardest to remove. But fortunately, there are two tricks that I know, which are 100% effective.

The first one is the one with the cotton pieces on the nails. The technique is easy – cut a cotton ball into 10 small pieces – as big as your nails are. Then soak the cotton pieces with nail polish remover and stick it to the nails. Pour several more drops on the cotton pieces when they are on the nails and let them work for several seconds. Then just wipe off the nail polish with the small cotton pieces. This is my favorite trick for removing stubborn nail polish, but there is one more that I know and it is pretty effective too.

For this one you will need several more tools:

  • Nail polish remover;
  • A sponge;
  • А Small glass jar.

Cut the sponge into a piece that will fit perfectly into the jar. Then roll it. Pour nail polish remover until the sponge is wet.

Make sure that the cap of the jar is tight and the nail polish won’t dissolve.

Then put your finger into the whole of the sponge and twist. After a few twists the nail polish must be gone.

If you are using this trick to remove dark colored nail polish, you have to replace the sponge with new one after every two fingers. Or, you can re-position the sponge in order to use the clean area of it.

These are the best tricks for removing nail polish. The nails will be completely clean against with the skin around the nails, which can be stained in a very ugly way if you use the traditional way of removing the nail polish – by rubbing the nails with the cotton ball. Don’t use this method ever again now that you know another two methods which are way more effective.

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