Easy Trick For Wavy Hair


Do you remember how you created wavy hair when you were a little girl? I did it this way: I braided my hair into several braids and then I left them over the night and in the morning I had perfectly waved hair. But these days, when I’m older looking (but still younger on the inside), I don’t plan my hairstyle from the night before and sometimes I just want the specific look right away. And recently I remembered this great hairstyle from my childhood and suddenly I really wanted to stylize it the very same day, not the day after, that’s when I found this great tutorial for making instant braid waves, you will need only your flat iron and a few hair bands.

Take a look:

  • Make sure that your hair is clean. Oily roots will ruin the whole look. Then comb the hair carefully and apply some stylizing mousse, it is also recommended to apply a thermal protector because of the work with the flat iron.
  • Separate your hair into several sections, make them random. Braid up each section, make a regular, tight braid. When the whole hair is braided take the flat iron.
  • Press every single braid from the roots to the ends. Don’t re-pinch with the flat iron a place that you’ve just pinched. This could damage your hair really bad.
  • Let the hair cool down completely. This won’t take more than several minutes.
  • Then unbraid the hair and run your fingers trough the roots in order to merge down the separated sections of hair.
  • Done! You can enjoy this casual hairstyle which looks amazing. It is also really appropriate for the chilly seasons, because the curly texture looks great as a match for the knitted clothes you wear during the cold weather. Have fun!