Exotic Destinations to Visit


Exotic destinations always has meant something more for people who are adventurous and love to travel. Wanderlust is kind of this tingly feeling I your stomach and head, just like when you are in love, that doesn’t ever stop. And the more you travel, the more you get it.

European or cities in the USA are great and the experience there is amazing, but exotic destinations take you to such different cultures, that you are never the same after you come back from a trip.

There is no way you won’t fall in love with Morocco. Every person who has a lust for travel, new cultures, beautiful colors, seaside cities and beautiful views, will feel in paradise here. Kingdom of Morocco is placed in North Africa. It has a great diversity of beautiful nature and authentic architecture and old markets, that offer everything you could imagine – beautiful colorful fabrics, spices, rugs, clothes (literally everything). And let’s not forget the warm people, which are really welcoming and the endless sand beaches.

Morocco is the land of fairy tail tellers and  amazing aromas. If you have never been in a different culture than yours it could kind of be a cultural shock, but a good one. Imagine walking on the street and seeing a man with a snake and a pipe (just like the movies). If you are a tea lover, you will love Morocco even more. They most drunk drink is mint tea – but keep in mind it is a strong one. And it is been prepared in a special way, you just must see with your eyes to believe. It is kind of a tea ritual, so that you get the perfect consistency.

Casablanca, Tangier, Marrakesh, Rabat, Fes – all Moroccan cities, that are a must to be seen. They sound like they come from the fairy tails and they really do!

Nepal is a federal republic located in South Asia and it is one of the most exotic destinations there are. It has such a natural diversity – 8 out of ten of the highest peaks in the world and the deepest canyon in the world, so what about that? Many Rivers flow through Nepal, that infuse into the holy river in India – Gang. In the highest places in the mountains there are amazing glacial lakes. In if you are able to walk up to them it is a view you will never forget! The glacial lakes here are a once in a lifetime experience, that can’t be seen anywhere else!

The country is filled with amazing authentic Buddhist temples and ashrams. And for people who are  Buddhists or who are interested in the religion there is no better place to experience and learn first hand. Thanks to the 150 years of isolation for the country (because it was a monarchy) the capital Kathmandu is saved as authentic as possible (the same as the whole country). Kathmandu holds amazing temples, made entirely from wood with stunning engraved doors, walls and windows.

The most popular cities in Nepal (excluding the capital) are Pokhara, Dhulikhel and Nagarkot. You most definitely should visit them. But don’t limit yourself to main cities. Go explore the beautiful mountains and valleys. Everything in Nepal is worth the trip!

Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a different type of exotic – it is a tropical heaven in Central America with unbelievable vegetation and fauna. Costa Rica is known as one of the most Eco destinations in the world. Inside it’s forests the country holds more than 1000 kinds of orchids and 850 different types of birds. And that is now all – the beaches and waters here (as you can imagine) are some of the most cleanest in the world. There is no clearer water anywhere else. And to add up Costa Rica is the kingdom of the butterflies and the most happy and smiley people.

All that is just the face of Costa Rica. Behind all of that are hidden amazing species. Walking around places where minutes before you a jaguar or a monkey was having its daily walk is somehow fascinating. Of course you must have a gut to go there and explore, but isn’t that what life is all about – taking risk and going places, you never imagines you will? The Costa Rican jungle is a home to many, many animals like Capuchin monkeys, parrots, bears, toucans, humming birds and many more like vultures.

The only ugly truth about Costa Rica is the fact that you will most definitely have to wear high gum boots, because let’s face it is a jungle and there are snakes. The same applies for the mosquitoes. But you could buy a spray against mosquito bits. And this is a small price to pay, having it mind what you will experience.

It is not one of the most common tourist places. And that is probably because it doesn’t really have all the conditions for tourism yet. Vietnam is a country that has all of the best and worst from the fate and historical events. It was part of the China Imperial. It has has very triumphal years and at the same time years of wars and conflicts. The history of Vietnam is very interesting, yet somehow sad. But that doesn’t apply for the culture and nature of the country – they most definitely are in the ups – amazing!

The Ban Gioc waterfalls, the Ha Long Bay (UNESCO World Heritage Site), SaPa mountains are know as some of the best and most beautiful nooks of the Planet. As you can imagine, since it wasn’t a tourist destination and also still isn’t very popular it has saved it is beauty. It has clear waters, sandy beaches and heavenly amazing people. The mountains, forests are untouched and also in the mornings right at sunrise if you are up the top you can see the sun over the mist and that is a moment that is you just stop breathing, so that you could soothe all in.

Vietnam must be visited, before it becomes more and more popular for people. There is nothing more amazing than being at a place where you are not bothered from the crowds. And one more amazing thing – walking around you will often find yourself in front of imperial buildings and there are also some authentic imperial palaces. So what more can you want from a place?