Facts About Shoes That Will Blow Your Mind


In general women love shoes. We usually tend to look at other women’s shoes or celebs and imagine having them all. We love pairing a great outfit with different styles of shoes – heels, platforms, boots, sandals, ballerinas and many more. Shops are filled with different styles and prices range.

Different women – different shoes. One thing though is for sure – we all love them! But as much as you love them, have you ever known any fun and interesting facts about them? Here are a few things you might enjoy knowing.

Shoe addiction is about a lot more than just keeping up with trends. And if you think you have a problem, don’t worry – most of us do. Turns out that the real reason for wanting and buying that many pairs is hidden in the brain. In simple words there is just area somewhere in your head that wants you to go and buy them shoes. In not so simple words – ‘collecting spot’.

As I already said ‘Different women – different shoes’. The truth is that wearing heels or flats depends on your salary. Don’t worry we are not talking about not being able to afford any special pair. It is just more likely that women who make more than 150,000 $ a year to wear high heels every day to work. Not saying that other women don’t, but that is what the researches show.

You love those red Loubotin soles, right? I know I dream of heaving those in my closet. Have you ever thought about why though she soles are red? They were inspired by an Andy Warhol drawing – ‘Flowers’. There was a try to make a shoe with the painting, but when the prototype arrive Andy wasn’t happy enough with the final product. Something was missing. He saw an assistant painting her nails red. Grabbed the polish and painted the whole soles. And now you always know when you see a Loubotin shoe.

Talking about Loubotin and heels I think you must know that the first people to wear height heels were men! Yes, you read it right. According to history in the 10th century, men who rode horses used to wear high heels in order to stay in their stirrups.  Strange, right? If you now ask some guy to wear high heels he will probably fall on the first step. And actually not only high heels were firstly worn by men. Greek actors used to wear platform shoes in order to look more powerful on stage. Also so that audience could identify the character easier from the height of the platform.

I love sneakers. They are comfy and perfect for hitting the gym. But do you ever wonder why are they called that? Sneakers used to have soled made by rubber. So they didn’t make any noise when people walked with them. In the late 1800s when this happened people thought that those shoes were so quite that anyone could sneak with them. And now you have it – sneakers!

In the last couple of years Dr. Martens boots have been a huge trend. People wear them with everything. They are manufactured in different colors and prints. Around London for example you can see countless people wearing them. But when the boots were created they were marketed for men – working men. They were perfect for the cause because of their breathing soles. Who knew that a decade later, thanks to punk they will become a huge unstoppable trend?

The flip flops we wear in the summer – the Hawaiian type were actually not inspired by the see or by the islands. Have you seen in pictures or movies he typical Japanese sandals made of fabric straps with rice straw soles? It is one of the shoes that geisha’s wear. So this is the real inspiration for the flip flops. That is also the reason why the soles are never soft and soft on the soles.

Now you know!