Fashion Mistakes You’d Better Not Make


At some moment of her life, every girl is keen on fashion and trends, which increases the chance of making different mistake, especially if she is new in the world of fashion. I want to show you some basic mistakes that are commonly made when the girls overact about their look and outfit.

  • I know you love the gorgeous brands, but it’s not necessary to wear them all at once. Or at least, try to not wear clothes that are so obviously a work of a famous designer. When you are wearing your LV bag skip the Jimmy Choo’s stilettoes.
  • You can make a mistake with the trends too. It is possible to wear too many of them. I know it’s tempting to wear them all, because often the trends are gorgeous and perfect, but you’d better limit yourself to wearing only one of them at a time – choose the one that suits you best. If it comes to colors, choose only one trendy color or two similar, not all of them. For instance, if you are in a mood for burgundy, don’t match a burgundy top with green tights and brown ankle boots, instead: green tights, black dress, black boots and burgundy lipstick, try it, wear it, love it!
  • There is another issue with the trends – you might like them, but some of them don’t suit you properly. If a certain trend doesn’t flatter you, you shouldn’t wear it. No matter if it’s color or a style – the trends are here to guide us, not to make us look like clowns.
  • Another great mistake is to wear not fitting clothes. In my opinion, this is the greatest mistake of all. Immediately, in my head pops out the image of Kim Kardashian’s look on this year’s Grammy. I really hate it when a woman wears a dress or a top with sleeves that are longer than the wrists. So, in order to look good, get your clothes tailored, or just don’t buy such designs that doesn’t flatter your body and all.
  • The accessories are adorable addition to an outfit, but the temptation of over-accessorizing is so strong. If you wear a hat, bag, belt and necklace choose only one outstanding item and draw the attention to it, don’t choose your best items to wear at once. If you want to show off your best handbag, go for minimalistic earrings or a ring. Just keep the balance and you will be fine.

The fashion is a tricky business and  the mistakes are here to help us learn, maybe the hard way, but after all we will know the past flaws and we won’t repeat those mistakes, we will learn from them. Trust  your instinct and consult with friends when needed, remember that you have to follow your personal style and adjust the trends to that, not the other way around – don’t obey fully to the fashion trends, that’s when the mistakes are made.

Have fun and stay amazing!